Friday, April 04, 2008

Every God Damn Year

We have the same conversation every January:

Hugh: I’m going to start on the taxes early this year.

Chelle: That would be great.

Hugh: Yeah. So, I'm going to keep all our receipts in files so I won't have to sort through them again.

Chelle: Stellar idea, dear.

Hugh: Yeah. That will make it easier and less disorganized and shit.

Chelle: Indeed.

And, where do we find ourselves on April 4th, a mere eleven days from deadline?

Every. God. Damn. Year.


desperate housewife said...

Ouch. Have fun with that.

Finlands finest said...

Mine still aren't done either...

Brian said...

You are not alone in your tax misery. I've got my own, my FIL's and my sons to do yet. Sucks.

Jen said...

This is why I keep the files and do the finances and take care of the taxes. No, I don't do them, I keep everything organized so I can pay our accountant an obscene amount of money to cover my ass. ; ) So ours are done, the refund deposited, and the accountant paid. I lead such an exciting life. LOL!