Monday, January 22, 2018

Gettin' Crafty With My Baby

The weekend was a blur, a paint-smeared blur. In addition to finishing the buffet for the dining room, I also re-painted the small table that used to sit in the space that now houses the buffet; I'm planning to use it on the porch, so I painted it a lovely shade of blue to match my summer cushions (pictures coming soon). Then, because I hadn't had enough, I grabbed Queen B and we headed to my girlfriend's pallet painting studio in Hooterville to work on a mason jar project.

My arm and shoulder may never recover from the past three days, but, I have three awesome projects to show for it, and, I got to spend some quality time with my firstborn, so, I'll pop an Aleve and call it good.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Trash to Treasure: Dining Room Buffet Project

Remember that crappy entertainment center that I scored for free when our deadbeat renter skipped town?

With just a little paint and elbow grease (and, Hugh's master carpentry skills), it's now a serviceable buffet/wine hutch in my dining room, and I love it.

I used white chalk paint to achieve the look that I wanted, painting directly over the original black and brown finishes.

Hugh built the wine and wineglass racks, utilizing the shelving that came with the piece as well as some wood scavenged from the hardware store. I painted them with the chalk paint once they were finished and installed into the cabinet.

Then, I used sand paper and sanding blocks to distress the areas where I wanted those old finishes to show through.

After wiping it down with a damp cloth, to remove the dust from the sanding, I sealed the paint with a clear wax, allowing it dry and cure overnight before buffing it into a really pretty, silky finish. Then, the last step was to install new drawer pulls and doorknobs, purchased from Home Depot.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I absolutely love the finished piece. Not only is it gorgeous, but; it increased my storage capacity by quite a bit, which, led to a purge and re-organization of the china hutch in the dining room. Now, all of the pieces that I use most frequently are easy to get to. I also rediscovered a few things deep within the recesses of the hutch that I had completely forgotten I owned, due to them being buried beneath a shit-tonnage of crap that I had no place else to store. Bonus!

Another bonus is the increased surface area on which to display photos and seasonal decor, which, we all know I like to switch up on the regular. All in all, this little project has been quite the coup, which, is probably going to be a terrifying thing for Hugh, since, now, I will be on the hunt for more furniture to transform.

People? I may have just discovered the answer to Empty Nest Syndrome.

(Run, Hugh. Run)

Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Meeting of the Brain Trust

Last night, I hosted the Boosters for our monthly meeting. Since the Man-Cub's class graduated last spring, our numbers have shrunk (shrunken? Shrank? Shrinked? Miss Axelrath, my high school Honors English teacher would be so proud), so, it is getting harder and harder to provide the level of awesome that we have historically provided.

This is apparently becoming obvious to the parents of our athletes, who, have sent us encouraging and helpful suggestions via Facebook Messenger, gems like "You need to get off your asses and cover the wrestling team more" and; "I don't follow your Facebook page or listen to the school announcements, or read the newsletter that you send home with my kid! How am I supposed to know when you are taking button pictures or decorating lockers?!"

When I replied to the wrestling comment, I was on my best behavior; I used my indoor voice (no virtual shouting in CAPS LOCK) and was incredibly diplomatic, going so far as to offer an invitation to the commenter to join the Boosters so that he, too, could work tirelessly on a volunteer basis while also holding down a full-time job and managing a personal life, all for the reward of being criticized by people too lazy to volunteer, themselves.

 I haven't heard back.

When I saw the other comment, I ignored it, completely; it came from a parent with serious substance use issues and I didn't feel the need to poke the bear, if you get my drift.

Anyhoodle, we are a small group, but, we are mighty in our determination to support our athletes to the best of our ability, so, despite the haters, we will continue to do the best we can with our limited resources. Not coincidentally, we will also continue to drink wine at the meetings. Lots and lots of wine. Oh, and Tippy Cow*, for those among us who don't prefer wine.

*Tippy Cow is an orange cream flavored rum drink that tastes just like an orange dreamsicle, but, with a kick. It's delicious and very popular among the Booster moms because it numbs us to The Haterz.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It's Like He Forgot Who He's Dealing With

Yesterday, I had to remind the Man-Cub that, despite having just spent the last month with him, seeing him on the regular, I am not yet sick of his face, and, do still require daily Proof of Life now that he is back in Hawaii.

He appears...unimpressed with my directive.

Ask me if that changes anything.

No. No, it does not.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Next Four Months Are Going To Creep By

The Man-Cub flew out this morning.

I'm experiencing a mixed bag of emotions about this; one the one hand, I am so proud of how well he is doing in school (he finished the semester with a 3.9 GPA) and I know how much he is enjoying the Hawaii experience. On the other hand, just yesterday, everyone on the islands got a notification on their cell phones about an incoming ballistic missile, informing them to seek shelter; it wasn't until 24 minutes later that it was reported to be a false alarm (as an aside, someone's getting fired). I'm going to spend the next four months worrying about my honor student, is my point.

On the bright side, we made the most of our last few hours together. Queen B came down from Neighboring City to eat dinner and spend the night. We went to one of the kids' favorite restaurants and I got to bask in the brotherly/sisterly love.

Then, we came home and watched IT on pay per view, which, was a minor miracle in and of itself, given Queen B's deeply ingrained fear of clowns. The Cub was not scared in the least, but, that never stopped him from crawling in my lap for back tickles before, so, why start now?

When we left the Cub at the airport, he was clearly excited about getting back to school, and, as of five minutes ago, he was looking forward to stretching out on his connecting flight from Denver to Honolulu because, miracle of miracles, the two seats next to him are empty (fingers crossed for no-shows rather than tardy passengers).

I guess I'll just have to set my apprehensions aside and focus on looking forward to his eventual return at the end of the semester, and, in the meantime, there is always wine.

Clearly, I'm going to need a bigger wine rack.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday Favorites: Winning!

It's finally Friday! Win!

Since I got all of my year-end book work done at the hardware store last weekend, I don't have to go in for an extra day this weekend! Win!

I won a $100 Target gift card at Day Job by completing the annual No Gain Challenge with a 13 pound weight loss; two of my favorite co-workers also completed the challenge by maintaining their weight, so, they each won a rolling massager. Win and win! (although, I won the best prize, I mean, obviously. Not that I'm competitive or anything.)

I scored this Pier One entertainment center for free because it was left behind when the last tenant of the apartment above the hardware store skipped out on the rent. I'm going to transform it into a shabby chic wine buffet for the dining room and, because I already have the supplies on hand, it's only going to cost me the price of four new drawer pulls. Win!

Let's see...what else...oh, I haven't gnawed my own arm off yet, despite the constant nagging pain it's in due to my rib still being out of place. Win?

Whatever, I get to sleep in tomorrow!


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Choose Love

After two particularly harrowing trips between Petticoat Junction  and Hooterville today, I was completely prepared to write a tremendously venomous and scathing post about idiots who monopolize the passing lane whilst most definitely not passing other cars, thus impeding the progress of the cars behind them, driven by drivers who most definitely do want to use the passing lane for actual, you know, passing, like the good lord intended, but, then, I was like, "no, Chelle; you're better than that", so, instead, I'm going to post this text exchange that I had with Queen B yesterday, because, what the world needs now is love (sweet love), and, I choose to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Aren't you glad I spared you the rage?

Yes, I thought so. And, I digress..

...this is our conversation, starting with the screenshot that she took of her text conversation with her nana.

I can't even! They are seriously the cutest humans on my planet. This totally makes up for all the lane-hogging assholes on the highway. Totally.