Monday, September 15, 2014

Well, She Disn't Say No...

The Man-Cub's epic plan to ask a friend to the homecoming dance didn't quite make it off the ground; the girl in question already had a date, a fact that the Cub learned prior to putting his plan into action.

So, he didn't have to suffer the embarrassment of asking and being turned down. That's a positive, right?

My poor baby. I hope he doesn't give up and asks another girl instead. I also feel terrible about not being at home to give him a pep talk (not that he needs it. I need it, but that's beside the point) and I hope that he doesn't circle back in therapy to this moment in time as the defining moment that totally ruined him.

Ok, so that might be a tad dramatic.


My heart sort of aches for my son (not that we are going to share that with him. m'kay?) and I wish that I was home to mix him a big glass of his favorite chocolate milk and to bake him a plate of freshly baked cookies. That kind of thing always worked for The Teenager, after all.

I Hope She Says Yes

The Teenager called me late last week to alert me to the fact that the Man-Cub was interested in asking a girl to the Homecoming dance, which is coming up next weekend. He asked his sister for advice on how to ask the girl in a romantic and creative way (say it with me, awwww!) since he is male and apparently unable to come up with an idea on his own (we'll work on that).

The Teenager immediately concocted a plan for the Cub, who, appeared to have a difficult time grasping the vision that she presented, thus, I was called into action to help. I, of course, understood the plan, and, obtained the supplies with which to carry it out this weekend.

The plan is simple, really: the Cub, and a few of his friends, will present tagged roses to the lucky girl...

...and, if she has a heart (please have a heart), she will say yes.

Also, this whole thing has cemented the fact that I am going to learn every bit of important information about my son's social life through his sister; it's just like she's still here, y'all!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

This Makes My Heart Feel Better

The Teenager texted me last night to tell me all about the awesome things that she had done during the day.

In addition to attending her first college football game (Go Bears!), she also went to her a hockey game, where she got to witness a fight (yay?) and she and Katie ran in their first ever Color Run. I think the Color Run was her favorite part of what sounded like a very exciting day, and I am so happy that she is partaking of the events that make the college experience worth having; it will go a long way in soothing her homesickness.

I'm lucky because she loves me enough to share pictures with me so that I can continue to include her in this blog, almost as if she were here; it's a win-win for both of us, really. Also, how adorable are my girls? Totally adorable, that's how adorable they are.

The Teenager also told me that she and Katie have joined a co-ed flag football team; their first game is Monday night, which, works out quite nicely for me as I am going to be in Denver on business this week and had planned on taking the girls to dinner Monday night. I would love to stay and watch them play, but, unfortunately, the college is a little over an hour away from my hotel and the game doesn't even start until 9:30. I have to be in class at 7:30 Tuesday morning, so, I'm thinking that I might not be able to stay for the whole game. But! I'll cheer my heart out while I am there and I'll consider myself lucky for getting to see my baby.

As an aside, didn't I always say she has a colorful personality?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

September Care Package

The Teenager is settling in to her new surroundings, getting used to her new routine, and learning all about the compromise and aggravation that can come from living with other people. It's all very exciting, and, you know, stressful and-at times-depressing.

Since she was having a hard time, I thought that it would be a good idea to get a care package in the mail, after all, who doesn't love opening the mailbox to find a package full of surprises?

And, since she was feeling a bit blue, I decided to make that the theme of the package.

I picked up a couple of The Teenager's favorite things, trying to find blue packaging wherever possible. Then, I threw in a few essentials that I thought she might be running low on and a few additional things that I hoped she would enjoy.

Hopefully, it will help elevate her mood. If not, she can certainly drown her sorrows in sugar.

Contents of package:

-Hershey's Cookies and Cream Kisses
-Triscuit Minis
-Oreo Minis
-Giant Gumballs
-French Vanilla Coffee Creamer
-Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa with mini Marshmallows
-Rice Krispie Treats
-Tums Antacids
-Eye Makeup Remover
-Nail Polish Remover

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Murphy's Law of Parenting

The Man-Cub's football game this evening was in a town a couple of hours away. Hugh and I decided not to make the trip since that seemed like a pretty long drive to make since the Cub doesn't generally get to play (not that I am complaining about that; he loves the fact that he gets to wear the uniform and it's enough for him just to be able to support his team).

Instead, we went out to dinner and did a little shopping at the Hellmouth.

On our way home, we turned the radio station to the game and listened to the final eleven minutes, which was just enough time to catch the Cub's name and to realize that, holy shit, he was in the game.

Son of a bitch.

Ain't that the way it always goes?

Anyway, the team won the game 34-6, the Cub and the rest of the second string got to play in their first varsity game, and we are the worst parents in the history of parenting.

But I am oh, so happy for my boy, and, if this was Twitter and not my blog, I would be hastagging all over the fucking place.


Aren't you glad I could spare you from that?
Yeah, I play varsity, ain't no big thang

I'm proud of the Cub. I'm proud of all of the boys, of course, but, especially of my Fearsome Foursome; this game is just the beginning of their varsity football careers and I know that we are going to love watching them play for the next few years.

But, no matter how many opportunities they have to tear it up on the football field, and, no matter how big and tough they get while they are doing it, this is how I will always picture them...

Watch out, girls, we're coming for you

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday

The Teenager sent me a text today, requesting that I include one specific item in her next care package...

...yeah, I don't think that's gonna happen. Sorry, baby girl; I guess you'll just have to give him some extra snuggles when you come to see us at Thanksgiving.

As an aside, how she is ever able to cuddle with that cat without him chewing her face off is beyond me. Seriously, we love Finn to death but he has not been the same since he died on the vet's table and was resuscitated. He's all Pet Semetary and shit, so, to cuddle with The Teenager, and to look that content to do so, is a minor miracle.

There is no possibility of him ever showing me that kind of affection, is what I'm saying.

Also, I'm sure he misses The Teenager just as much as she misses him.

No, No, No

I just heard on the morning news that there is a good possibility of snow in several parts of the state. That's...terrible news. I mean, it's only the middle of September, the tree in my front yard just started turning colors like yesterday. And, while that tree is always the first-and quickest-to change, that does not mean that I am prepared for the end of fall.

I'm still wearing summer wedges and capri pants! I still sit on my porch with a cup of coffee on Sunday mornings. I want to savor the beauty and peace that come from a long and mild autumn. I think I deserve that.

I don't want to break out the snow boots and hot cocoa bar.

Winter needs to just take a chill pill and wait her turn.