Friday, August 26, 2016

This Could Only Happen to Me

It's been a long week. I recently started working with two new families, families who can only meet in the evenings once they have finished with work. This means that I now work until 7:30 three days a week. While this also means that I can continue to take Fridays off-without using my comp time-it does make for a really long day, three days out of the week.

I tell you this so that you have some sympathy for what I am about to tell you next.

Or, so that you will at least feel somewhat bad about laughing at me for what I am about to tell you. Because you're going to laugh. It's ok, I forgive you.

Anyhoodle, yesterday afternoon, I hit a wall of exhaustion. I was so sleepy, I actually nodded off at my desk.

You know that thing we all do when we nod off unexpectedly? The thing where we inadvertently jerk our heads back up because our chins have bobbed onto our chests, startling us awake? Yeah, that thing. Well, I jerked awake with such intensity, I wrenched my neck.

Now, I can't turn my head to the right without experiencing a shooting pain down my shoulder blade, and, I want to cry when it happens.

Do you know how often I am required to turn my head to the right? A lot, apparently. More than I realized prior to injuring myself while taking a nap.

Jeebus H. Cripes.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hoist the Colors!

I just finished hosting this year's first meeting of the Booster Club. Our first order of business was to come up with a slogan that we can use on all of our advertising for the year, specifically with the intent of driving more participation and enthusiasm from the community in general, which, was a request specifically made by the football coach.

I suggested banners with the slogan Hoist the Colors! Pirates Sail Tonight, to be displayed on game days both at the school and in the businesses downtown. We've never tried to involve the businesses and I don't know why; I think the business owners will be both cooperative and enthusiastic.

I was a little nervous to suggest the slogan, afraid it might be too "out there" or that they wouldn't "get" it, but, to my relief, it went over really well. We also decided to order small rally towels, to sell at home games, so, when the cheerleaders give the rally cry "Hoist the colors!", people can wave them in response.

Once that was decided, the ball really got rolling, thanks in part to the cheerleading sponsor, who really likes the concept; she suggested that we also purchase a pirate flag to run up the flagpole prior to the raising of the American flag and the playing of the national anthem. Once that suggestion was made, it evolved in to flying the flag on a secondary flagpole at the school all day on every home game day.

In short, there is a lot that we can do with the Hoist the Colors theme. I'm so glad I sucked it up and suggested it.

I'm also glad that we had such a good turnout for the meeting, we really accomplished a lot and I got to spend time with a group of Senior moms who are just as excited about making memories with their sons as I am about making them with the Cub.

These are my People and we are in this fight, together. Hoist the Colors, indeed.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

You Know You Raised Them Right When They Humor You

Yesterday, Queen B started her third year in college. It hardly seems possible since we just dropped her off for her first year, like, the day before yesterday, but, here we are.

As further proof of the fact that she is, indeed, my daughter, she sent me a couple of pictures...

I'm so proud of how well I managed to warp her in the short 18 years that she spent at home.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Thyme Began in a Garden

And it definitely did well in mine this year.

I'm not complaining; I love thyme. In fact, next to basil (which, also did well in my garden this year), thyme is my favorite herb. I use it in several chicken dishes as well as in my homemade chicken noodle soup. Actually, the last time I made the soup, I noted that I was running low on thyme, so, having this harvest to dry and store will come in handy. Plus, this cutting was only the first; there is still a large, healthy bush in the garden that will require several additional cuttings before the end of gardening season.

In addition to the thyme and basil, the garden has produced a shit-ton of cucumbers again this year (why is it always something I don't like, Garden Gods, why?), as well as a plethora of tomatoes, both the larger Roma and San Marzano variety, and the smaller yellow pear type.

I also harvested one head of cabbage so far, with six or more still to go, and I am anxiously awaiting the full growth of several eggplants (that's a total lie, Hugh is awaiting the eggplant, I could take it or leave it. Probably leave it, actually).

But, the best news of all is that I counted five baby butternuts on my squash plant this morning. They are in varying stages of development, but, should all mature right on time to make a large vat of butternut squash soup with plenty left over for butternut risotto and, for me to experiment with butternut ravioli (Fall Bucket List!). This makes me happier than is probably warranted, but, I take my victories where I can get them (see above: Cucumbers and Eggplant).

Not terribly pleased with the direction that the garden is taking would be the Man-Cub, who has been warily eyeing the large Brussels sprouts plants. I'm 99% certain that the sight of the plants triggers a PTSDesq reaction from him, stemming from that one time when we forced him to at least taste a Brussels sprout and he gagged and almost barfed in his dinner plate.

I actually still get a chuckle out of that stellar parenting moment.

And, I digress.

All in all, it's been a pretty good gardening year, which, makes up for that nightmare that I went through last year. Thank GOD.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Workin' at the Car Wash

Earlier this morning, I took my car to the high school to be lovingly and carefully cleansed by the football and volleyball teams. And, by lovingly and carefully, I mean, rapidly and in a manner that took more consideration of speed than of delicacy.

Either way, I ended up with a clean car and a lot of great pictures; just like last year.

Despite the number of photos in which my offspring is actually flipping me the bird, I'm pretty sure that he was happy that I was there. At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

If he wasn't happy about it, at least the Booster Club President was; I aided her in handing out sports schedules to each car that pulled through the gate, as well as helping to sell bumper stickers and magnets. We managed to unload quite a bit of our inventory, which we will discuss replacing at next week's club meeting.

School is definitely in session; we have entered the whirlwind and it's going to be nonstop from here on out.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Off and Running

The Man-Cub's Senior year is off to a busy start. The class has already met to start planning the events that will mark this, their final year, in high school; they've designed and printed the official Senior class t-shirt, they've planned tonight's back-to-school movie on the quad (Goonies, I'm actually jealous), and they joined together to paint the number 17 on the small hill abutting the football field (this is a long-standing tradition).

They are a fun group and I have no doubt that they are going to make this year quite memorable. I'm really looking forward to going along for the ride.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Here We Go

Today is the first day of the last year of this kid's free public education. It's been a pleasure and a privilege getting him this far and I know that he is going to do BIG things.

I could not be more proud (and, sad, and happy, and heartbroken, you know, the normal array of mommy emotions).

Take the world by storm, Man-Cub! You've got this.