Saturday, October 22, 2016

We Are Officially Official

Booster Club President Extraordinaire and I finally got our official press passes yesterday. And, by "got", I mean "printed our own from the internet". Whatever, no one tried to stop us from crashing the field for pictures at last night's game. And, before you ask, no, no one has ever tried to stop us from crashing the field for pictures before, but, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

The actual press was out in full force last night and both the sports editor and sports photographer from the Hooterville Daily Press thought our passes were quite creative and they gave us a lot of pointers on where to stand for the best pictures. They also asked us to send pictures we take when we are at out-of-town games, so they can run them in the paper, which flattered us, immensely, as I'm sure you can imagine.

Anyway, it was a good thing that we were on the field last night, because we got some awesome shots of an awesome game; a Pirate victory, 28-21 in overtime. It was a win that we needed in order to have any hope of a run at post-season play, and, keeping those hopes alive was important since both the Man-Cub and Tones were on the sidelines last night. With an extended season, they will both get in at least a couple more games.

Which, also means that the Mamarazzi will have more opportunities to flash our press badges. Win-win!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Yesterday, I posted my outdoor Halloween decorations, so, it seems only fair to give the indoor decorations some love today.

I stayed with the old tried and true for the most part...

...and, added a few new pieces, including this wreath, that I made from eyeballs purchased online. I am almost 100% happy with how it turned out, which, means there is a slight chance that I will still be tweaking it, although, how, I do not yet know.

The eyeballs came in a set of either 8 or 10 (I can't remember off the top of my head), and I used the remainder of them in other random places, including this vase on the entertainment center.

 I ordered the rat skeletons at the same time that I ordered the eyeballs, and they are sprinkled throughout the house (Sprinkled? Is that the correct term one uses when posing plastic bones about the place? I'm thinking, no). The Man-Cub arranged this one behind my antique magnifying glass, which I thought was a stroke of brilliance (He gets that from me, I mean, obviously).

In a mix of old and new, I have my trusty old witches' cauldron, along with a new animated spell book; it lights up and the feather "pen" magically writes! So cool!

There are a number of other things placed throughout the house, but they fall into the "tried and true" category and have been featured on the blog more often than they would probably like, so, I'll wrap this up for now. And, by now, I mean, until I see another awesome, cannot pass up, wickedly cool Halloween item that I simply MUST purchase.

Because that could totally happen.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Witching Hour

I finished my outdoor Halloween decorating last week, just in time for a windstorm that could have been devastating, had Hugh not taken such care in securing my decorations; lucky for me, he did.

The theme for this year's yard and porch decorations evolved from items that I had on hand, a bit of inspiration from Pinterest, and, from the fact that Hugh has always harbored a deep suspicion that I was possibly burned at the stake in a prior life. I thought I would humor him.

I'm pleased; I have no doubt that the neighborhood kids will love it. Actually, they already love it; we had quite the audience while we were setting everything up.

Now, if the weather will just cooperate, we will still be "be-witching" them right up until the witching hour on October 31st.

Fingers crossed. Or, maybe I'll just cast a spell...ha! I'm kidding, Hugh (or, am I?)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

It's That Time Again

We lost my dad two years ago, today. I don’t write about grief here very often, not because we aren’t all still suffering through it, but, because Dad would not want me to dwell on it; he would want me to face it head-on, to deal with it and to show it who’s the boss.

That’s easier on some days than on others, and, not so easy today, I’m afraid.

See, the thing about grief is, you can be having a perfectly lovely day, the sun can be shining, the birds can be singing, and you can have not a care in the world, until…a song comes on the radio, or you smell a particular brand of aftershave, or, you see a silver-haired man in khaki shorts, reading the newspaper on a bench in the mall…and, it hits you full-force and with a resounding smack; grief is a ninja, and, a vicious one at that.

The Grief Ninja can also be quite stealthy, seeping into your dreams, stealing into your subconscious, bringing you down for days at a time with no clear perspective of why, exactly, you just can’t seem to shake this sadness. I mean, life is good, right? Kids are healthy, everyone is warm and fed, what the hell is wrong? Oh….,yeah.

I mean, it’s not like you ever forget, exactly, but, maybe you have managed to reach some precarious level of détente, you and Grief, but, maybe, sometimes, that bastard doesn’t hold up his end of the deal.

Because, grief isn’t a one-and-done deal; you don’t get past it, you don’t overcome it. You learn (if you are lucky) to live with it, to share headspace, and to co-exist with it in the best way that you can manage. You know, until you don’t.

Today, I don’t.

And, that’s ok.

But, tomorrow?

Tomorrow, I am going to show that Ninja who’s the boss,  because, my dad would want me to.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I'm a Proud Member of the Mamarazzi

A few days ago, the football coach's wife posted this picture on Facebook..

...she titled it The Mamarazzi, and, the nickname has since stuck; Booster Club President Extraordinaire and I wear it with pride. In fact, we are working on our press badges, which we intend to wear at the last two regular season games, and, we intend to do it with pride.

Why? Because, I can't count on both my hands the number of kids and parents who have thanked us for the photos that we regularly post on the Booster Club Facebook page; a lot of them have said that, without our photos, they would have none. That breaks my heart; it also makes me even more determined to capture those moments that I know parents want to remember.

So, yes, Mammarazzi and proud of it.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Speaking of Things You Pick...

Hugh, the Man-Cub, and I went to the pumpkin patch yesterday. Our mission was to find the most perfect specimens for jack-o-lantern carving later in the month, because, while pumpkins were dirt-cheap at the Hellmouth, you can't beat the unique qualities of a locally grown pumpkin. Between you and me, though? I really just wanted one last pumpkin patch trip with the Cub before he up and flies the nest.

Luckily, he humored me, and, I have one more memory of him searching through the vines for just the right pumpkin.

One more memory of him petting Sam the horse and Sterling the donkey (who have been residents of this particular pumpkin patch for as long as we have been taking the children there).

And, one more memory of the Cub rolling his eyes and groaning "Mooooommmmm, no", every time I ask him to pose for a picture with his head stuck through one of those plywood character board thingies. It comes as no surprise that this was not the year that he finally relented on that one.

He did, however, humor me by posing for what I promised him would absolutely, positively, not be a candidate for his senior pictures (he was convinced his hair "looked like crap" yesterday).

Have I mentioned how much I am going to miss living with this kid? What's that, you say? Not this week? Well, there it is; I'm really going to miss this kid.

But, hey! We'll always have the pumpkin patch!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Let's Get to Pickin'

Yesterday, Kortni and I went to this year's Pickin' at the Pea antique sale. As always, there were tons of amazing treasures on display, as well as homemade donuts and kettle corn, and while I abstained from the fresh-baked goodness, I indulged in the treasures with abandon.

My finds included this vintage cloche, which I intend to use in my holiday décor.

I also picked up another old window to refurbish and use as a photo frame.

And, this chicken feeder was too cute to pass up, so, I am using it in my kitchen window; it pairs well with an old Dr. Pepper crate that Mom picked up for me at an antique store in the Valley, which I am also using to display faux eggs.

I'm so glad Kortni and I discovered the Pea shows; not only are the antiques amazing, and the hunt thrilling, but, it's a treat to drive through winding country roads on a warm fall day, enjoying the wind in our hair and the anticipation of the first glimpse of the signs leading the way to The Pea.

I can't wait for the holiday show!