Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Things I AM Liking Right Now

-It's March!!: The official start of spring, as far as I am concerned (Mother Nature, yeah, not so much).

-Spring decorations: Since I didn't even wait until February's dying gasp before pulling out my spring decorations, I have been enjoying the soothing sight of pastel colored Easter eggs, creamy white bunnies, and lush, green grass.

-Baseball: The Cub started indoor practice last week and the boys finally got to move out to the field yesterday. The first game is scheduled for this weekend and we are just waiting to see if the Cub will get pulled up to Varsity or whether he will stay with the JV. Either way, games will commence soon and I am ready for a change of scenery from the gymnasium (Not that I didn't love watching him play basketball, but, come on, fresh air!).

-Semi-Permanent hair glaze: My issues with my hair drove me to the local beauty supply store where the sweet clerk suggested a clear gloss that will gradually rinse out of my hair before my next appointment with my colorist. The gloss made my hair look shiny, feel soft, and, the color, while not changed, seems to be enhanced. Win, win.

-Work: I'm engaging with a new family and the excitement of getting to know them has breathed some fresh air into Day Job.

-OPI in Altar Ego: I'm wearing polish on my fingernails for the first time in ages. Usually, I shy away from manicures because my nails always seem to break as soon as I apply polish, and, that might happen again. Before it does, however, I am really digging this iridescent shade of clear pink (Great description, I know. This is why I don't work for OPI).

Disclaimer: Not my photo, not my fingers

-Skinny Girl Sparkling Water: I fell off the wagon when it came to not drinking Diet Pepsi and, I immediately regretted it. The soda left me feeling bloated and uncomfortable, and, it tasted wrong. It was way too sweet (Progress?), so; I am back on the bench. Fortunately, this flavored water has just enough fizz in it to satisfy my craving for the bubbly without causing the bloating and discomfort and a subtle touch of sweetness that doesn't coat my tongue with an artificial-tasting film. My favorite flavors are the pineapple coconut and the strawberry lemonade but the mango is growing on me (Which, is a surprise since I detest mangos).

Longer days: Daylight Savings time begins this weekend, and, while I know it will take my body a hot minute to get used to the lost hour of sleep ; I am really looking forward to the increase in daylight hours. My mind and body crave the sunlight.

And, that about covers it. I am ready to grab a Skinny Girl and head outside to a baseball game, in the sunshine, where my perfectly manicured hands and shiny tresses will blind the competition. Welcome to spring!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Things I Am NOT Liking Right Now

In no particular order:

-My hair. Specifically, the color of it. I understood some time ago that I was going to have to surrender my natural brunette shade in the battle against the gray; I mostly accepted that fact. That said; I am not warming up to the lighter shade. I feel like an impostor in my own skin and I stick out like a sore thumb in pictures with my kids.

Exhibit A:

It would be sort of nice to slightly resemble the children that I spent nine months incubating in my own body.

-I am also not liking my current hairstyle. I gave up extreme haircuts all those years ago, when Edwina Scissorhands got ahold of me and ruined my hair. The years of growth since have produced a lot of hair but not much style. I am rethinking my stance on shorter hair but have not arrived at any actual decisions regarding it.

-I find the recent weather somewhat vexing. The forecast calls for snow, in massive amounts, between yesterday and next Wednesday. We have yet to see a single flake, but, I don't want to make plans because, you know, it could snow. Or, it might not, and the things that I have planned to do while stranded in my home will fall to the wayside. Currently, I am doing nothing because, I'm not sure which way to go. Vexing. (And, lazy)

-My body's sudden NEED for all things sugary and forbidden is particularly distressing. I usually do pretty well with my Lenten sacrifices, and, while I have not faltered, I sure am feeling cranky as all shit. I blame my horror-mones, as recent, shall we say, events, have led me to believe that I have entered the dreaded peri-menopause phase of my reproductive lifecycle. The phase comes standard with irregular periods, slight weight gain, and an obsessive desire to eat Three Muskateer bars with wild abandon, despite them being firmly off-limits. Not fun.

I'm sure there are a number of things that I am forgetting, but this seems like enough bitching for now. And, since I am not really the type to wallow in my own misery, I think I will venture out of the house-weather be damned-and get myself a pedicure. Nothing enhances a mood quite as well as a good foot and leg massage and a shiny set of colorful toenails...except for inhaling an entire bag of mini Three Muskateer Bars, but, I think we've already covered that.

Only, like, five more weeks to go!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites: Kicking February to the Curb

Today, my favorite daughter got notice that she has been accepted to the university in Neighboring City; she will be transferring at the end of the semester. I'm happy for her as I know that this is what she wanted and I am happy for myself because I will no longer have to ride on the Will-They-or-Won't-They-Accept-Her Rollercoaster. That ride was not nearly as much fun as the advertisement.

This afternoon, I got out my spring decorations and I decorated my mantel; spring colors are some of my favorite colors. I love the pastels shades of purple, blue and coral. The new d├ęcor brightened my house as well as my mood.

Tomorrow is my second-favorite day of February (The Teenager's birthday being my first-favorite, naturally); the last day. No offense, February, but, you kind of suck. I am looking forward to March since it means that our trip to Paris is right around the corner and that we are that much closer to summer.

Have I ever mentioned that summer is one of my favorite seasons? If not, today was a good day to say it.

Only three months to go!

With one of my favorite people, sipping one of our favorite drinks...soon, baby, soon...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Digging Through Old Diaries

I wrote the following entry in my journal ten years ago. It's fun to read back over entries in that journal to compare and contrast where I was then to where I am, now (well, it's fun for me, if it's not your thing, please feel free to skip on by, it's totally cool, I promise) and it's especially neat to be reminded of what the kids were up to back then.

I just can't believe it's been ten years. I also can't believe how similar the comments I had on the Oscars then were to the thoughts that I had about them this year, but, the more things change, the more they stay the same, I suppose. Also, I really do miss Deadwood; Timothy Olyphant was super hot.

Yes, yes I was.


Memo To My Weekend

Dear Weekend: Four hours of sleep on Friday night is just not enough, especially when you have to drive in a raging snowstorm for over an hour to get to a wrestling tournament in the morning. And, while we are on the subject, seven hours on a hard gymnasium bleacher? Not fun. Although, I am very proud that the Man-Cub took first place in his division and that he was nominated as Outstanding Wrestler due to being such a good winner. That might have made up for the aching ass, at least a little bit. Also, thanks for the spot of humor in my day when the Man-Cub screamed OUCH! That hurt my nuts! as he racked himself on the rail that I had just told him to quit playing on; I have to admit, the collective whipping around of heads in that gymnasium was spectacular. And funny. Oh, the Man-Cub did not think so, but I digress. Dinner at the Chinese restaurant, by the way; great way to end the day.

Sleeping in on Sunday was nice, thanks. And the Girl enjoyed her play date with her friend from school; going to the swimming pool was a stroke of brilliance and the ice cream sundaes afterwards were a big hit.

Speaking of hitting, are you in charge of disciplining the Girl when she smacks her little brother? Because I weary, Weekend, seriously. I weary.

On another weary topic, how about them Oscars! The fashions actually generated some memos of their very own i.e.:

Dear Selma Hayek I am in awe of your cleavage. That is all. -Respectfully

Dear Laura Linney Were you TRYING to match your dress to your skin tone? Just wondering. -Puzzled

Dear Penelope Cruz So sorry Selmas cleavage stole your thunder. I have a seriously good push-up bra, give me a call and Ill hook you up! -With sympathy

Dear Hilary Swank Two Oscars AND Rob Lowe for a brother-in-law? Seriously, did you sell your soul to the devil? -Jealously yours

Dear Orlando Bloom Mrrrowwrr! -Droolingly yours

Dear Charlize Theron I had a girlfriend in high school who wore that exact same dress to prom. I am not quite sure what to say about that. -Confused

Dear Renee Zellwegar Girl! OPEN your EYES! All that squinting causes wrinkles and Botox is dangerous! -P.S. For the love of god woman, eat a fucking sandwich! -Worried

Dear Beyonce, Girlfriend, you are not all that. -Bored

Dear Oscar Producers, FYI: There are other female vocalists in the world. Some of them are very popular. -Just thought you should know

Dear Weekend, cont. Thanks for salvaging my night with a great episode of Carnivale. If I had ended with the Oscars, I might have slept better but I am not complaining. -Chelle

P.S. Could you please thank Next Weekend, in advance, for showing episodes of both Carnivale and Deadwood? That makes me so happy, I could wet myself! -Kisses!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This Post Is For the Birds

The eighteen inches of snow that we got on Sunday night has started to melt and the birds have returned to my feeders. Earlier this evening, I looked out the window and was surprised to see more colorful birds than I usually serve at the birdseed buffet; I have no idea what they are, but, they are very pretty.

We had several bags of seed that the mice had gotten into in the storage building behind the store, and, since we couldn't sell them, Hugh brought them home. The seed mix is different from what I usually use-more black sunflower seeds-and I am thinking that must be what attracted the new birds.

The activity at the feeders has attracted the attention of another gorgeous creature...

...who, by the way, is feeling much better following his trip to the vet, thankyouverymuch. He has been stealthily stalking the windowsill with the grace and balance of a ninja for the past half-hour, just hoping for the inevitable moment when that invisible barrier between him and his prey magically disappears.

I mean, that has to happen eventually, right?

Bless his simple little heart.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Day

So, not only did the Man-Cub not have baseball practice yesterday, he had no school. For only the second time in thirty years, schools within the Petticoat Junction school district were closed due to snow.

We got about eighteen inches at our house, but, there was up to two feet in other areas, which led not only to the school closures, but to the closing of all government offices, and, in a pleasant surprise, my office in Hooterville.

I haven't had a snowday since I was about the Man-Cub's age, so, that should have been exciting. As it was, I spent most of the day napping on the couch since I have recently caught a cold and it is kicking my butt.

I did drag myself out from underneath the covers long enough to snap a few pictures as well as to heckle Hugh while he blew the snow off the driveway with his snowblower (where was he the day before, when I spent two hours manually shoveling?). I also spent considerable time begging the Man-Cub to build a snowman in the yard, but, that didn't get me very far, as you will see.

Today, we are headed back to school and work and I am hoping for a decent commute. If all else fails, I suppose I could ice skate.


Yes, mom, this IS the best that I can do.

Monday, February 23, 2015


Today is The Teenager's nineteenth birthday. Nineteen, wow. Whatever will I do next year, when she turns twenty? I won't be able to call her The Teenager anymore (I know, first world problems). I'm going to have to come up with a new nickname for the child who was once Baby Girl, then, The Girl, and, finally, The Teenager. How lucky am I to have had the privilege of writing about her for so long?

How privileged am I for having her in my life, period? She is such a good kid, and, as much as we would like to take the credit for it, the truth is, I'm sure she has thrived despite the parenting mishaps that we have made along the way.

She is fun and funny. Sweet and compassionate. Caring and nurturing. She can also be cranky and quite the pistol when she wants to be. She can argue a point until her tongue is tired and still never give an inch. I pity the fool who crosses her, particularly one that brings pain or sorrow to one of her friends, for she is loyal and devoted to them.

I have no worries about her future, I know that she will be successful at whatever path she chooses. It's interesting and fascinating to watch her become a young adult and I am so looking forward to watching her forge her way in this world as she continues to mature. Being her mother is, as I have said, such a privilege and such a blessing.

Happy birthday, baby girl! I love you infinity and beyond.