Friday, March 29, 2024

Easter Decorations on Parade

 I can't believe that Easter is on Sunday; having it so early this year is doing a number on me, despite the fact that I have had my Easter decorations out since roughly the day after Valentines Day.

It seems like today is a good day to document the decorations, since they will be coming down on Monday (or, thereabouts).

As usual, the Martha Stewart brand tulips that I collected the past couple of years from Marshalls are on full display throughout the house. I still love how realistic they look, and; the fact that they can stay up until well into May makes my heart very happy.

My bunny collection is also spread throughout the house (numbering just under 60. We know this because Hugh wagered with the Daughter-in-Love that there were 60 and she countered at just under 60. The exact count was 58, so Shanti was the victor in that particular contest).

Hugh swears that the bunnies multiply every year, and, he's not exactly wrong. In my defense, they are adorable, and, who doesn't like a bunny? Psychopaths, that's who.

He should just be happy to know that he did not marry a psycho.

You're welcome, Hugh.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

This Is What Happens When You Name Your Cat After a Special Needs Fish

Because our family was apparently put on this earth for the sole purpose of providing hospice services to pets with cancer, it will come as no surprise that Queen B's cat, Nemo was diagnosed with bone cancer mere days after we received Boomer's death sentence.

The good news is; Nemo's cancer had not metastasized to her lungs, which meant that a quick amputation of her back leg will likely save her life.

Her surgery was on Monday and Queen B was able to take her home yesterday. It's going to be a long recovery for her, and it will take some time for her to adapt to her tri-pawd (see what I did there?) reality, but her odds are good.

Prior to the surgery, Queen B did a quick photo shoot with Nemo and the resulting pictures are adorable. 

The pictures she has taken since the surgery are, to be honest, a bit pathetic. That is to be expected, however.

When Queen B adopted Nemo, she chose her name based on the fact that she had one clipped ear (vets do this to indicate rescue cats that have been neutered/spade prior to either releasing them back into the wild-if they are feral-or to placing them in adoption centers). She never imagined that her namesake's half-missing fin would somehow predict her fate.

Funny how life works.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

What's Up Wednesday, March 2024 Edition


My gracious, this month has gone by quickly! I know I say that about most months, but this time I'm really serious. It doesn't help that Easter is so early this year, either. No sense in complaining, though, so on with the post! Don't forget to link up with Sheaffer and Shay.

What We've Been Eating

I continue to be...not so great in the cooking department. Restaurant meals, however, have been on point this month. This includes the Croque Madame that I had at the restaurant in the garden center in Pixler.

And, you can't have a great meal without a fabulous dessert; I highly recommend these cookies from Twisted Sugar, if you happen to have one near you

The chicken Alfredo Primavera at the local steakhouse was both delicious and filling, in fact, I think I ate the leftovers from this dish for both lunch and dinner the day after visiting the restaurant.

I did, however, manage to completely polish off this huge portion of drunken noodles at the Thai place the following weekend.

What I'm Reminiscing About

Remember a few years back, when we were told that we should stay home for a couple of weeks? Well, when some of us were told that? And, then, others of us had to continue to slog to work each day? Yeah. I've been thinking about that a lot this month. Not reminiscing, exactly, but definitely thinking about it.

What I'm Loving

If you read this post last month, you may remember that I was dreading the news we might get at an appointment with Boomer's vet later that week. The news, as it turns out, was not good, but we are determined to love every minute of every day that we have left with this guy, so that is what I'm doing.

I'm also loving the pictures from a photo shoot that Queen B did with her cat, Nemo. Nemo also got a crappy diagnosis recently and had to have her leg amputated. We can't seem to catch a break when it comes to our fur babies, but we love them to the moon and back.

What I've Been Up To

I had the privilege of being honored as one of Hooterville's Women of Distinction earlier this month. The awards ceremony was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed getting to know the other nominees there, as well as at a number of events leading up to it.

Hugh, Mom, the Man-Cub, and Shanti accompanied me to the event, and my staff was also on hand to celebrate. It was a great evening.

What I've Been Working On

The planning for Shanti and the Man-Cub's wedding is in high gear. I've been tasked with collecting vintage milk glass vases and silver trays for the centerpieces, as well as constructing a flower arch for the altar.

I clearly understood the assignment, as I have already collected the majority of vases that we will need, as well as a lot of the flowers that will go on the arch.

My office looks like a floral bomb exploded and I'm not mad about it.

I am still working on perfecting my embroidery skills (for a wedding related surprise), which has been quite relaxing, actually.

What I'm Dreading 

It's fundraising season at Not So New Job and I am without my right-hand man (my FI Coordinator, who is with her son, who is fighting cancer, which is exactly where she needs to be). I am not nearly as good at certain things related to the fundraisers as she is, but I am determined to make her proud. And, just to be clear, I would be dreading fundraising season even if she was with me; it's a lot of moving parts, work, and stress, on top of the moving parts, work, and stress that are a daily part of Not So New Job.

What I'm Excited About 

The spring flowers are starting to bloom! I am over the winter and ready for some nicer weather, so this brings me a great deal of excitement. Also, I should probably get out more.

What I'm Watching

Mom and I attended another play at the community theater. It was a comedy that neither of us had heard of before and it was awesome.

I also watched Quiet on Set, and was horrified, along with the rest of the viewing audience, at the abuse endured by kids who were staples on screens in our home when my kids were growing up. It certainly explains the struggles that so many of those child actors have experienced as adults.

What I'm Listening To

I'm currently listening to the sound of Boomer breathing at my feet. I'll take that sound for as long as I can have it.

What I'm Reading

I started The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah last month and am about halfway through it. It's a great read, I've just been busy with other things, which is why it's taking me a while to get through it.

What I'm Wearing

Layers, because, it is Spring in Colorado and the weather is bi-polar.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

We will be celebrating Easter with Shanti's family this year. I am hosting them, Mom, Oscar, and Emily for brunch on Sunday and I am really looking forward to it.

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

Warmer weather? Please?

Favorite Amazon Purchase This Month

I got this candle lamp on impulse and I don't regret it. It came in a two-pack, so I will be using the second lamp in my office at Not So New Job; it will be good not to have to worry about blowing out a candle every time I leave for a few minutes.

Monday, March 25, 2024

It Was an Eggcellent Weekend

For some reason, I feel like I've used that title before...

...anyhoodle, Friday morning, I had a telehealth appointment with my functional medicine practice in Neighboring City. The physicians assistant that I was consulting with determined that I needed an increase to the medication I am on, so I ended up grabbing Mom and heading that way to pick it up.

While we were in the city, we did a little bit of shopping before grabbing a quick snack for the drive back home. 

Saturday morning, I took a quick trip to Pixler to see if i could find some more silver trays for the wedding. I lucked out at one of the antique stores, where I scored two really good quality silver pieces for a tremendous bargain. The really cool thing about one of the trays is that it is engraved. I know that not everyone would be interested in a piece of someone else's history, but I think it's actually kind of an honor to be able to give new life to these kind of things. Plus, it's easy to date a piece when it is engraved.

On Sunday, while I was running a load of dishes, my 18 year old dishwasher started leaking, so Hugh and I headed into Hooterville to visit the Home Despot, where we dropped some cash on not just a dish washer, but a new fridge to go along with it. Since all of our kitchen appliances were purchased at the same time (2005, as the Great Remodel of 2002-2006 was finally, finally coming to an end), it seems like a safe bet that they will start to fail at the roughly the same time.

The dishwasher is scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday, and the fridge on Saturday, so; more on that at a later date.

Sunday evening, Mom, the Man-Cub, and the Daughter-in-Love came over for dinner and to dye Easter eggs. We always have so much fun doing this, and I can't wait for the day that we will be including grandchildren in the effort (no pressure, children of mine!).

We dyed almost three dozen eggs (minus the three that cracked during the process; Hugh and the Cub were more than happy to "take care" of those!).

Next weekend, we are planning to have Shanti's family over for Easter brunch, so the eggs will feature in the menu. Deviled eggs, anyone?