Saturday, May 31, 2014

Baseball Double Head(ache)er

I worked in the concession stand for the first game of today's double header, so, I didn't get a single picture of our boys whooping up on the competition. And, by whooping up on, I mean; we ten-run ruled them in the fifth inning. The final score was 14-2 and the boys were ecstatic. It was the first time that the ten-run rule didn't kick in against us.

Reason to celebrate, right there.

So, of course, Karma took one look at our celebratory Gatorade's and went "Just one second there...." and we lost the second game 2-12 in the fifth inning; ten-run rule effective immediately, do not pass go, do not collect Cracker Jacks on your way out.


But, I didn't have to work that game, so I got pictures.

Consolation prize, thankyouverymuch.

In Which We Discover That Weeding is an Awesome Workout

I spent a couple of hours in the garden late yesterday afternoon and, I gotta say; I am more sore today that I have been after any of my recent workouts. I don't know if that means that my body is getting used to the routine of DVD workouts that I am currently employing in the Battle of the Bulge, or, if it means that gardening is a more strenuous workout. It may be an even divide.

Anyway, the garden is now 99% less weedy and my thighs and hamstrings are 100% more tender and sore. I guess that qualifies as a good day in the garden.

In addition to pulling the weeds, I also replanted the green beans since the last planting resulted in two sad little bean sprouts, despite the use of two full packets of seeds. I also replanted the lettuce since it doesn't appear to have germinated well, either.

Of course, the sunflowers and pumpkin are doing fantastically well, but, man cannot live on pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin scones, alone; even with the addition of a sprinkling of sunflower seeds (although, the Man-Cub assures me that yes, yes, he can). So, fingers crossed for the carrots, beets, cucumbers, peppers, squashes, tomatoes, and zucchini to keep doing as well as possible.

In news not related to my mad gardening skillz, The Teenager is on a road trip with Not The Boyfriend and his family. They are planning to hike Hanging Lake later this afternoon and I have never seen The Teenager so excited about physical activity. I give her halfway up the trail before the glow fades and despair sets in. On the bright side, if she makes it to the lake, there is hope that the rest of us can do it and, we may plan a Labor Day trip to do just that.

Currently, in my household, the Man-Cub and Hugh are sleeping, the cats are chasing each other around like wild animals (which, they are), Rowdie is lounging in the sun on one of my good lounge chairs (damn dog), and, I am thinking of joining him.

We have a double-header baseball afternoon scheduled for later, but, for right now, I am enjoying my morning coffee on the front porch, and, it really doesn't get much better than that.

Friday, May 30, 2014

See? Shorter Weeks Actually Last Longer

Or, they feel like they last longer. Seriously, this week, though one day short, dragged on and on and on and on. But! Today is finally Friday and I can make my plans for a relaxing weekend...

...not so fast, says Life.

According to Life, my weekend is going to consist of a double-header baseball game, at which I will be required to run the concession stand as well as hunting down each parent of our players to beg them to sign up for concession stand duty at some point this season. Fun times! I love organizing volunteers, it's the best!

(Please avoid the puddle of sarcasm that just pooled at my feet)

In addition to the baseball games, I have statements to run and month-end chores to do at the hardware store, because, in case you were unaware; May ends on Saturday. That's right; the month that I spent eyeing suspiciously on the calendar for the majority of this year has come and gone with the speed of a bullet. Part of me is relieved and part of me is pained at the thought that, if May can wiz by in such a speedy manner, then how lackadaisically can we expect June, July, and August to move? Not very, is my fear.

Speaking of June, I am planning to fly to Phoenix next weekend to spend a few days with The Girls. I am, as you may expect, ridiculously excited about the trip. We will be staying at a spa and attending a wine and beer festival in addition to all of our usual girl-bonding activities and conversations. It's been a long time in coming-having us all together again-and I am looking forward to it.

(VAST understatement)

But, back to my weekend plans...where was I? Baseball, check. Concession stand, check. Harassing parents to contribute to the running of the only fundraiser the baseball program technically has, check. Hardware store chores, check.

What else? Well, the garden is in need of weeding, because I'm 99% certain that 99% of the greenery that I can see from my bedroom window is not of the edible variety. And, if by some miracle we have a few hours during which we aren't fulfilling obligations, I would like to take the boat out for its annual "Let's see what the hell went wrong with the boat while it was in storage this winter" launch; mostly so we can address any issues that arise prior to actually taking it out for some fun later in June. And, I would also like to catch a movie, if we have time. Hugh and I went to see the new X-Men movie last weekend while we were in Pueblo and it was pretty good, but, there are a number of movies out right now that I would also like to see.

Anyway, it's pretty obvious that the weekend will not be long enough to accommodate everything that I want/need to accomplish, so; I would like to formally request an other four-day weekend in which to play catch-up.



Wednesday, May 28, 2014


You know when a Tuesday really isn't a Tuesday? When it falls after a four-day weekend and is, in actuality, Monday in disguise.

Such was my Tuesday.

I'm really hoping Wednesday doesn't masquerade as Tuesday today, because I wouldn't want to ruin a good Hump Day.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Best Friends Are Old Friends

Spending time with old friends was the theme of our long holiday weekend. On Saturday, we drove to Pueblo, which is about a four hour drive, to spend a couple of days with the Man-Cub's godfather, Jeff, who was celebrating his son's high school graduation.

Jeff and Hugh have been tight since their days of working the beat together back in Mount Pilot. They have stayed in touch despite three moves (two for Jeff, one for us), two changes of occupation (one each for Jeff and Hugh), and a divorce (Jeff''s, I mean, obviously) and The Teenager and the Man-Cub have forged strong friendships with Jeff's two sons, the younger of whom is Hugh and my godson.

So, we are all god family; because that's how that works.

After the graduation party on Sunday, we headed back to Petticoat Junction to host a Memorial Day BBQ for Chris, Jana, and the kids. Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows how far back we all go, so I don't think I need to explain.

In addition to it being Memorial Day, today was also Darren's birthday, so, following a pilgrimage to Banana's Fun Park, Chris and Jana hauled the boys to the house for grilled steaks, homemade coleslaw, pasta salad, and a cake that Darren wasn't expecting, but, can't have a birthday without a cake, now, can we? The margarita slushes were non-standard birthday fare, but, I didn't hear any complaints.


While the adults enjoyed good conversation and adult beverages, the kids entertained themselves with non-alcoholic beverages, basketball, and fart jokes. The fart jokes, it should be noted, were the work of the boys. Which I'm sure you found completely shocking.

And, of course, there was that cake...

...impromptu birthday cakes require creative candle selection, which totally explains the fact that I used tea lights. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Anyway, wacky candles on a cake are the kind of thing that old friends overlook. And, as I've mentioned, we were surrounded by old friends. Can't ask for much more than that on a long holiday weekend. Or, on any weekend for that matter.

Friday, May 23, 2014

What's a Little Rain When You're Already Wet?

The kids' annual end of the school year slip 'n' slide party was slightly less well attended than in years past, due to the proximity to the long holiday weekend and to the weather. However, while we hosted fewer kids, the kids we did have were greatly entertained, I can assure you.

And, this officially brings my May hostessing duties to a close. The Massive May To-Do List has been accomplished in its entirety and I am now free to enjoy the remainder of the month with zero stress and a glass of wine.

Which sounds like a little slice of heaven to me.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back In the Swing

With all the graduation craziness behind us, I am able to focus more on my second child, you remember him? The Man-Cub? Right, him. Yeah, it's his turn for a little attention and he rightly deserves it considering the fact that I actually forgot him at The Teenager's pre-grad party when I packed up the car and headed for home at the end of the day last Saturday.

You heard me.

I packed the car, got in the car, and left my child behind.

Luckily, his sister was still at the party and was willing and able to drive him home, but, still.

Parent of the year.

But, lets not dwell on my inadequacies; let's talk about how the Cub changed his mind, not only about playing summer ball, but about pitching as his chosen position. Because, he is now doing both: playing and pitching.

I am loathe to think about spending every Saturday of the summer at double-header baseball games, but, I'm proud of the Cub for braving his fears about not being good enough to pitch in order to actually learn how to do it properly. His self-confidence can only improve along with his skills.

And, it's not like I'm not already a pro at manning the concession stand.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We Are Family

I think I have mentioned that I could not have pulled off the awesome graduation party that I did had it not been for the help and support of my mother. I think it is equally important to point out that The Teenager could not have pulled off the requirements neccassary for her to graduate without the support of a dedicated family who loves and believes in her and in her ability to do just that.

We are blessed to have loving, kind, wonderful people in our lives and we were especially blessed to have them with us to celebrate The Teenager.

They are our family, whether by blood or by choice and I would be remiss in leaving them out of the posts pertaining to graduation; can't have that!