Monday, May 31, 2021

Memorial Day Weekend, Day Two

I am still adjusting to the whole "empty nest" portion of the program over here, and, holidays have been the biggest adjustment. In years past, Memorial Day weekend would have been spent on the boat or in the motorhome, always surrounded by friends and family. These days, I am lucky if I get a few folks over for a meal.

Happily, last night, I got to cook for the Man-Cub, his girlfriend, Hugh, and Mikey. I made a taco feast that included a spicy cabbage mixture that Hugh always loves when we go to Mexican restaurants; it was my first stab at it and the recipe was definitely a keeper. I'll have to post it here sometime.

In addition to the beef tacos that I made, the Cub grilled up some shrimp for shrimp tacos, which he, Hugh, and Mikey devoured. The Cub's girlfriend is a seafood hater like me, which is another reason to love her.

Both before and after dinner, we sat on the porch and chatted. The boys played catch in the yard, which is something that hasn't happened in my yard in a while, so, that made my day. They played keep-away from Boomer, who was both irritated and invested at the same time; it was hilarious.

After dinner, we chatted in the kitchen while we made a team effort at clean-up. It was so nice to spend an evening in such great company.

Today, I am headed over to the hardware store to run payroll and make deposits. Hugh is installing some cabinets for customers, but, we are hopeful that the install will go quickly and we will be able to do something fun this afternoon. Time will tell.

But, all in all, it's been a pretty great weekend so far.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Memorial Day Weekend, Day One

Despite not having major plans for the long holiday weekend; I am enjoying it, immensely. Perhaps taking Friday afternoon off for a massage got the whole thing off to a good start. If that's the case, I will have to look into getting a massage prior to every holiday. Twist my arm, right?

Anyhoodle, I spent yesterday doing things around the house. I finally got my red wicker chair repainted to a lovely sea blue...

...which was the finishing touch on the porch. It is now open for Porch Night season , which, conveniently, begins tonight! 

After I finished my chores, Boomer Dog and I headed to the park for a walk. The Herons were back, so I decided to drop Boomer back at the house before returning to the park with my camera; I was determined to finally catch a shot of one of the birds fishing. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, but, I got a few good shots, regardless.

I also ran into Erin and Kristi, who were at the park with their dogs. As an aside, Erin asked me why I no longer refer to them as The Lesbians on this blog. I told her I worried that it seemed insensitive, despite the fact that they are the ones who insisted on it to begin with. She pee-shawed me. Seriously, pee-shaw. We agreed to a compromise; I shall now refer to them as The Newlyweds. She pushed for Lesbian Newlyweds, but Kristi talked her down from the ledge.

I love my friends.

And, speaking of friends, we are having a few over tonight for tacos on the porch. I'm really looking forward to returning to a "normal" summer of entertaining and this is the first step. What a great way to kick off the holiday.

Random park photos, 'cuz that's how I roll.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

What's Up Wednesday, May 2021 Edition


May we talk about this month? 

See what I did there? Ha! I slay myself.

Seriously thought, can you believe that we are already at the end of May? I think I said it last month, but it totally bears repeating; this year is flying by. I wasn't complaining about that last month, nor am I complaining about it now, because, who can complain about putting The Year That Shall Not Be Named even farther in the rear-view? Not this girl.

Anyhoodle, as always, I am linking up with  Sheaffer and Shay to chat about what's up, what's been going down, what's gone sideways, and everything in between. Onward!

What We're Eating

In an effort to spend more quality time together, Hugh and I jumped back on the HelloFresh train. We cook three meals a week together and, shockingly, I haven't felt compelled to kill him and bury his body in the backyard.

I mean, I've considered it, but I wouldn't call it a compulsion.

Anyhoodle, the meals have been pretty tasty and quick to prepare, and, we've both learned a lot. Hugh has learned what it means to zest an orange, what a "drizzle" of olive oil should look like, and that a "squeeze" of lemon does not mean juicing the entire lemon and tossing the juice into the recipe all willy-nilly. I have learned that Hugh is incapable of cooking without making a gigantic mess of the kitchen and, that I am a fairly decent sous chef, if, one's definition of sous chef is "kitchen cleaner-upper".

But it's all worth it for the time together.

What I'm Reminiscing About

Queen B and the Rodeo Princess have been living in Texas for almost three months now; its hard to believe that they have been there this long already, but, 'tis true. The reports that I am getting all indicate that they are doing really well, settling in nicely, making new friends, and taking care of each other; all of which thrills me.

I do, however, miss having Queen B closer by, especially this time of year, when we used to be able to spend days together, doing fun girlie things like taking a picnic on a bike ride, sipping wine and noshing on a charcutterie board at a local winery, or hunting treasures at thrift stores and antique shows. So, those are the things that I have been reminiscing about.

What I'm Loving

The Boomer Dog and I have been taking frequent walks in the park here in Petticoat Junction. In addition to the fresh air and exercise, I have loved seeing the pair of Great Blue Herons that have been nesting in the area. 

Boomer Dog loves the walks as well; he has taken the challenge of marking his territory in all of his favorite spots on the trail quite seriously. He has also made a few deposits in the park, one of which required a double bagging. Dog ownership is not for the weak of stomach.

What I've Been Up To

Self-care! It was my word and intention for 2021 and I am pleased to say that I am following through. So far this month, I have increased my physical activity by walking in the park...

...I've been to the chiropractor for a long over-due adjustment of my hips (my left leg was 1/2" shorter than my right and one hip was both cocked upward and rotated inward; no damn wonder I have been having so much pain in my leg and numbness in my feet)...

...I spent some time at the local day spa, getting a Dermaplane facial (the top layer of skin is basically surgically removed with a scalpel, leaving behind fresh, new skin); the fruit-infused water served to me in the waiting area set the tone for the experience, which, (despite the way the treatment sounds), was quite relaxing...

...I also have a massage scheduled for Friday afternoon, which will start the long Memorial Day weekend off on a great note. I honestly think this is the best resolution I have ever made for myself.

What I'm Working On

I've been getting the porch ready for Porch Night season; after waiting an extraordinarily long time for a set of cushions to come in from Lowes online, I finally cancelled the order and went with a second choice from Amazon. Surprisingly, I like the second choice better than the first. That's serendipity, my friends.

Hugh helped out by replacing the lights that had been hanging on the porch for the past decade or so and I freshened up my antique wicker planter with a fresh coat of paint. I plan to repaint my oldest wicker chair as well, but am waiting for the color I like best to be restocked at the hardware store. I hope to have everything done and the porch opened for Memorial Day.

What I'm Dreading

I am not actively dreading anything at the moment. How freaking refreshing!

What I'm Excited About

I am researching luaus for when we are in Hawaii, celebrating the Man-Cub's graduation. I am also looking into local catering for the small dinner party that we will be hosting after the graduation ceremony; I would love to hire a food truck but I'm relatively confident that the covenants in the neighborhood that our rental is in would forbid it. Of course, if worse comes to worse, we will cook; I am just hoping to avoid that if possible (first vacation in two years, folks! Not missing a single chance to relax!)

What I'm Watching

I can't believe I actually sat through the entire first season of Jupiter's Legacy. I love me some Josh Duhamel, but folks, this was just bad.

I had to cleanse my palate with several episodes of The Great British Bake Off just to recover.

What I'm Reading

The act of reading for pleasure continues to elude me; as a lifelong bookworm, this is quite distressing to me. I've decided to show myself some grace, however; the desire to read will return in its' time.

What I'm Listening To

Two words: Murder podcasts. I just can't quit the true crime. What is wrong with me?

What I'm Wearing

Walking shoes. My ass and my gut thank me; my calves and my feet, not so much. Countdown to a slimmer me for Hawaii has officially begun!
What I'm Doing This Weekend

We are celebrating the long Memorial Day weekend by doing basically nothing. Hugh is busy with clinicals all weekend, so boating was off the table. Instead, I'm planning on relaxing, catching up with household stuff that I have been meaning to do for ages, and, hosting a Porch Night with a taco theme (Man-Cub's request).

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

I have so much to look forward to! For one, I will be reuniting with The Girls for our first Girls Weekend since 2019. We have a date, Reese has her plan ticket, and we have a few options as to how we want to spend our time: Tee's camper on the lake, the winery tour in the vineyards just south of Neighboring City, or Phoebe's cabin. We've done two out of three of these things and loved them both, immensely. So, perhaps the winery option will win out purely for the novelty it provides. We shall see. Whatever we decide to do, time with my best friends of over thirty years is never boring.

Also, in June, Hugh and I will be flying to Texas to see Queen B and the Rodeo Princess! As I mentioned earlier in this post; I have been missing time spent with my daughter, so, this trip won't happen a moment too soon. Also, we are planning to make the drive to Waco to check out the Magnolia silos, which is something I have wanted to do for quite some time;  I can't wait!

What Else is New

Nothing that I can think of! Fingers crossed for a more exciting post next month!