Saturday, August 31, 2019

It's a Major Award!

I mentioned earlier this month that our hardware store was named the Business of the Month by the local Chamber of Commerce, or, what passes for a Chamber of Commerce in Petticoat Junction.

Last night, we hosted a street celebration, to show our appreciation of the honor. We contracted with The Ice Box to provide snow cones, iced tea, and lemonade to our customers, and, between the two of us, Jana and I shlepped almost 200 snow cones. I was a sticky mess by the time we were through, but, I got to spend two quality hours with one of my best friends, so it was less of a chore and more of a chance to catch up with each other. You know, while providing free treats to people I'm relatively confident have never once stepped foot inside our hardware store.

The word "Free" brings out the riff-raff, let me assure you.

On the other hand, we did see a number of our regular customers, as well as Queen B and Katie, who we will be seeing a lot of this long holiday weekend (YES!!!), plus, Oscar and Emily were on hand, which gave them an opportunity to enjoy the honor (first time in almost 40 years of business, so, yeahhhh, it was about time).

Boomer Dog also enjoyed the festivities; preening for his fans, and patiently waiting for me to feed him plain shaved ice, which I was more than happy to provide.

All in all, it was a good time, and, a decent way to get the weekend started. As for the rest of the weekend, we are getting it started this morning, with a birthday celebration breakfast at Chris and Jana's, were we will be celebrating Granny's big day. Then, tomorrow, we are boating in the morning and afternoon and then attending a BBQ at Carmen's. I'm not sure what our plans are for Monday, but, since they don't include working at either of my jobs, I'm considering it a great day, in advance.

What a great way to close out the month. You know, the one we were the "Business of".

Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Streak Remains Unbroken...Mostly

The Man-Cub started classes this week, and, after much cajoling, provided me with his annual First Day of School picture, which, makes my record 32-0.

That's 32 first days of school, racked up between the Cub and Queen B. Although, if we're being completely honest, the Cub didn't actually get around to sending me the picture until the second day of classes.

Eh, I'll take it!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

What's Up Wednesday, August 2019 Edition

I can't believe that August is already coming to an end, and with it, summer; both have gone by in the blink of an eye, and, while I always look forward to Fall (my favorite season of the year), I'll be sad to put an end to this chapter.

That being said, August was a pretty good month, and, I'll always have "What's Up Wednesday" to remind me of just how good a month it was, thanks to the link-up with Sheaffer and Shay. So, on to the post!

What We're Eating

We attended the local Harvest Festival recently and I had an opportunity to sample the chicken paella from a food truck that I had heard really great things about. It did not disappoint!

We entertained old friends of Hugh's this past week; Patrik and Anya came all the way from Germany so, I threw together a charcuterie to serve alongside German beer and wines from both France and Italy to celebrate their visit. We were totally continental.

I've been enjoying the variety of hybridized fruits sold in local supermarkets; my favorite so far are Cherry Plums, which are a combination of sweet cherries and plums. They are amazing.

I've also indulged in local "normal" fruits, including peaches and apricots.

And, I've enjoyed my meals as often as possible on the porch. With wine.

What I'm Reminiscing About

Once upon a time, these young adults were toddlers and pre-schoolers together. Now, one of them is married. Sigh.

What I'm Loving

Walks with this sweet boy...

Lazy weekend mornings on the porch with a cup of coffee and a new magazine...

...and this gorgeous girl's awesome fashion sense.

What We've Been Up To

We bid the Man-Cub a sad farewell, sending him back across the pond to Hawaii. Our last activity as a family was a trip to Ouray, where we soaked in the hot springs.

What I'm Dreading

Does my next hot flash count? Because, Lord have mercy on my flushed soul.

What I'm Working On

I've been editing my way through the best shots from Darren and Johnna's wedding. I finally have them done and will be delivering them to the kids later this afternoon. I cannot wait to see their reactions.

What I'm Excited About

Fall is right around the corner, and, Halloween isn't far behind! I know, I know, don't rush the seasons, Chelle. Good Lord.

What I'm Watching

There really hasn't been anything on television that has attracted-and held-my attention this summer. I am still slogging through Big Brother, but, can honestly say that I care not one whit for anyone in the house. At this point, CBS should donate the prize money to charity.

Otherwise, I am watching the wildlife right outside my own window; the hummingbird feeders have attracted more than just birds this year...

Good things the birds don't mind sharing.

What I'm Reading

Yeahhhh, other than those magazines that I have been reading on the porch, I haven't really done a whole lot of reading for pleasure; work has just been too busy.

What I'm Listening To

As I type this, I am listening to a true crime documentary on OWN. I love a good Who Done It.

What I'm Wearing

I got this cute pantsuit for the wedding and I am planning to wear it on repeat whenever I shoot a wedding. It's comfortable, yet stylish, professional, yet fun. And it has pockets!

What We're Doing This Weekend

Boating!!! The Sea Chelle is finally out of the shop and ready to launch! This is big news considering the length of time that we have been without a boat. I can't wait!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

I get to go to Baltimore early in the month. Fall decorations will go up not long after. I love Fall!

What Else is New


Saturday, August 24, 2019

A Day in the Life, Summer Saturday Edition

I've done a number of Day in the Life posts over the course of the years, but, they have always been done on workdays; this edition will be my first attempt at capturing a typical Saturday in my life, currently.

The weekends are my opportunity to sleep past 5:00, and  I take full advantage of it; this morning, I slept until 7:30. Once I was up, I had my first cup of coffee, sweetened with stevia and lightened with creamer.

Boomer dog knows that, once I have a cup of coffee in hand, he gets his first treat of the day. This is his "eagerly anticipating a Little Griller" face.

While I drank my coffee, I watched an episode of The Pioneer Woman...

...then I headed out to the porch with my second cup of coffee and a couple of magazines that I have had sitting around the house for at least two weeks and am just finally getting around to reading.

Once I finished my magazines and my coffee, Boomer and I headed to the local park, where I ran him ragged with the Chuck-It.

Playing fetch is Boomer's favorite pastime. I know he's had enough when he runs past me and jumps into the back of the Tahoe.

When we left the park, we went straight to the local farm stand, where I purchased the ingredients for Hugh's favorite cucumber salad, as well as a few tomatoes for dinner tomorrow night.

I dropped the produce off at the house, along with the dog, before heading into Pixler to pick up groceries at the Hellmouth. When I got back home, I made Hugh's cucumber salad, leaving it to chill in the fridge along with some chicken that I was marinating for Hugh to grill later.

Hugh, it should be noted, was off on an ATV trail ride with friends.

After I cleaned the kitchen, I went to the gym, where I ran on the treadmill for an hour, before heading to Hooterville to pick up some items that I need for a fall craft that I am planning to do.

I grabbed an iced skinny cinnamon dolce latte at Starbucks on my way back home...

...and enjoyed it on the porch, along with the last of my hoarded magazines.

Boomer hung out with me, ever hopeful that I would throw him a ball. Or a bone. Or, anything at all, for that matter.

 Hugh hadn't gotten home yet, but I went ahead and prepped the chicken skewers and vegetables for the grill so that he could throw them on as soon as he got home.

Then I poured a glass of pinot noir and waited on the porch.

I was in good company.

Hugh finally rolled in a little after sunset, and, I put him right to work, grilling the meat and veggies... well as a couple of nectarines for dessert.

And, that about does it for today. Once I hit publish on this post, I will head upstairs, where Guinness will be keeping my spot warm on the bed.

And, that's about it for a perfectly pleasant, basically relaxing, typically mundane Day in the Life post.

My life, it is so exciting.