Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Week That Was

It's Sunday evening; looks like we made it through another week! And, as weeks go, it wasn't too bad, no doubt due to the massive amounts of self-care that I practiced.

Despite starting the week off with a full day of drudgery at Day Job; Monday evening, I had the opportunity to photograph my favorite pregnant lady, so, that was my first treat of the week.

Then, I wrapped up Tuesday's hours of indentured servitude with an hour at yoga, which, realigned me, body, mind, and spirit, despite the fact that I failed to come anywhere near managing Camel pose (the challenge is ON!).

Wednesday, I enjoyed several walks throughout the day; springtime temperatures had finally reached "normal" and I couldn't miss the opportunity for fresh air and sunshine.

Thursday, I spent the evening at the salon, getting my hair highlighted and trimmed, which, always brightens my outlook on life (I just typed hughlighted, which, is ironic since Hugh has been out of town since Wednesday).

Friday, work required me to drive to a town an hour away, and, I enjoyed a beautiful, sunny drive. The drive back, however, a mere hour and a half later, I should add; was conducted in blizzard-like conditions. Never change, Colorado Springtime, never change.

Once I made it back to Hooterville, I attended an open house for the new crisis stabilization unit that will be opening in the coming weeks (and that will, in theory, make my job a lot easier), followed by a pedicure. I bought a new (blue!) shade of OPI, and while I typically shy away from matte finishes; I really, really liked this one.

Yesterday was surprisingly beautiful, so, I spent quite a bit of time outside, weeding a flowerbed, playing catch with the Boomer Dog, and mentally cataloging the million-and-ten things that Hugh will need to do in order to make our yard attractive again.

Then, I went to the gym, where I had my choice of treadmills, elliptical machines, and, most enjoyable of all: private use of the aerobics studio, where I set about practicing Camel pose (I will nail it! Oh, yes, I will!).

I also did a bit of grocery shopping, visiting the "fancy" market on the south side of Hooterville, where I was excited to see tiny packages of cheese samples; just perfect for a charcuterie board for one...

...which, I later enjoyed with a glass of my newest favorite Sauvignon Blanc and the first four episodes of the latest season of Santa Clarita Diet, on Netflix. I had chosen cheese varieties that I hadn't tried before, and, was really happy with all of them. My favorite was the goat gouda, followed closely by the Caveman Blue and the whiskey cheddar. Both the Butterkase and Swiss Emmentaler were mild and tasty, but, evidently, I enjoy a stronger cheese (and, anything gouda).

I enjoyed a second glass of the wine while soaking my aching muscles in a detox bath (weeding the flowerbeds is an exercise straight from the bowels of Hell). I used these epsom salts, which I got in one of my FunFitFab boxes a while back; they actually help with soreness, so, I may need to track down another package at some point.

Today, I slept in to the unheard of hour of 8:30 and then sipped a couple of cups of coffee while watching The Food Channel, catching up on social media, and generally being as lazy as I am capable of allowing myself to be.

I did eventually force myself off my ass, heading to the hardware store to catch up on the bookkeeping before heading back to the gym for my second date with a treadmill this weekend. I'm happy to say; the gym was just as deserted today as it was yesterday.

Then, I ran Lola through the car wash, threw the ball for the Boomer Dog, folded some laundry, and foraged for dinner in the deepest, darkest recesses of the fridge. I'm currently on episode 5 of Santa Clarita Diet and am debating giving myself a facial before bedtime.

As I said, my self care game is strong this week. Why, I almost feel prepared for another Monday.


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

Once again, I am linking up with Sheaffer and Shay, to share a snapshot of our lives this past month, and, what a great month, it's been! I've actually been places! Done stuff! Seen new things! You know, as opposed to almost every other month. Which means, this is going to be heavy on the topic of our recent vacation. This could be quite repetitive, if you're a frequent reader here (hi, Mom!), and, I apologize for that in advance. If, however, you are new here, or read infrequently, welcome! I hope you enjoy hearing random bloggers navel-gaze about their vacations! Anyhoodle, on with the post.

What We're Eating

I'm working really hard to un-do the diet damage that I inflicted on myself while we were traveling, so, I'm back on the Salad Wagon. This makes me pine for all of the delicious things that I ate in Maui (on Maui? In Maui? I'm never quite certain which is correct), including the Drunken Noodles with chicken that I purchased, twice, from a food truck near our condo. So spicy! So greasy! So delicious!

Thai Food by Suri

I also enjoyed some amazing burgers on the trip...

Beach Bums, Ma'alaea Harbor

The Dirty Monkey, Lahaina

...and a Hawaiian chicken sandwich that was to die for...

Cheeseburger in Paradise, Lahaina well as chicken tacos that hit the spot...

Rock & Brews, Paia

Not to mention allll the banana bread and fresh pineapple that I could stomach (spoiler: I can stomach a LOT of banana bread and pineapple)

There was also pizza, tons of snacks, morning mimosas and, more than a little bit of wine, which, all went a long way in packing an extra pound or two onto my ass, hence the return ticket to the Salad Bus. Totally worth it, by the way.

What I'm Reminiscing About

Well, obviously, I am already reminiscing about Maui, and, you know all about it if you read the last fifty posts that I've shared (just kidding, there aren't quite fifty). But, hey! Maui! Who wouldn't reminisce about the trip? We saw whales! We swam with turtles! There was a minor traumatic sighting on a nude beach! It was epic!

What I'm Loving

Before going to Maui, the girls and I went out for pedicures, and, I tried a new shade of OPI; it's called Teal the Cows Come Home, and it was the perfect color for the island. I'm not usually a fan of blue polishes, but this is the second OPI blue that I have fallen in love with (the other one is This Color's Making Waves).

What I've Been Up To

I've been fighting a nasty cold since we got home; I picked it up on the plane, making it the worst vacation souvenir, ever.  Thank goodness for Theraflu and honey.

What I'm Dreading

It's coming up on the time of year when I am required to complete grant applications, MOUs (memorandum of understanding), quarterly reports, and a host of other paperwork requirements that leave my head aching and my nerves frayed. I swear, the things we do for medical insurance and paid vacation time.

What I'm Working On

I've been editing photos from a maternity shoot that I did earlier this week. I'm loving how well they are turning out, and, can't wait until this little guy makes his debut (guess who gets to be in the delivery room!).

What I'm Excited About

Are you kidding me? Being in that delivery room, obviously! Baby Cooper is due April 11th, but his mother is hoping for an early delivery. I hope she gets her wish.

What I'm Watching

I'm trying to get more use out of my Amazon Prime subscription, and I'd heard good things about The Widow, so I decided to give it a shot. I binged the entire series in a day, while resting on the couch, nursing my cold; it was a great way to keep myself still (I struggle with resting; not quite sure what that says about me). Great show!

I also binge-watched the Madeleine McCann documentary on Netflix, and, found it just as disturbing as everyone else that has watched it. Given my training at Day Job (specifically around child trafficking); I was probably even more frustrated by the shoddy investigation early in the case than the casual viewer . So heartbreaking.

Once I started to feel a little bit better, Hugh and I bought tickets to see Captain Marvel on bargain night at the theater in Hooterville. The movie was awesome and now I am even more excited about Avengers Endgame, which comes out next month. I am missing the Man-Cub, my Marvel movie buddy, but, he saw the movie the prior weekend and was more than ready to discuss its merits with me via text message and Snapchat, which I appreciated.

What I'm Reading

Despite packing my Kindle for the trip to Maui, I did very little actual reading while on vacation; I was more focused on being present for my family, and, about that I have zero regrets.

What I'm Listening To

I recently learned that Target is selling vinyl, so, I knew I had to check out their selection. I purchased both The Greatest Showman soundtrack and the soundtrack from Stranger Things, aka: the soundtrack of my youth. We are enjoying them in my office whenever we get a chance.

What I'm Wearing

I've had this military jacket in my closet since I found it on clearance last fall. The weather, while still as bi-polar as all get out, has provided a few days with temperatures that require a jacket, but not a coat, so, I've finally gotten some use out of it.

I have also busted out the gingham pedal-pushers, which is a favorite look for spring.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

I don't have any exciting plans; Hugh is out of town on another assignment, so I am holding down the fort both at home and at the hardware store. I may make a run to Neighboring City to forage at Sam's Club, but, otherwise, it should be a pretty low-key weekend.

What I'm Looking Forward To

Hugh, Queen B, and I are heading to Mayberry for Easter! I haven't been home since the Rodeo Princess's wedding in September, so I am really looking forward to the trip. It will be the first time that we have taken Boomer Dog, so that should be interesting.

What Else Is New

Nothing new on the home front, but, the girls did get new cruisers, similar to my bike, Lulu. We will be taking full advantage of the bikes once the weather gets the memo about it being spring; winery bike tour, here we come!

They named the bikes Lemon and Sweet Pea. Like mother, like daughters :)

Bonus Question: Favorite Easter Side Dish

This one is easy; I love deviled eggs, and, for whatever reason, I usually only make them at Easter. Why? I do not know; they're easy enough to make. One year, Mom and I went a step above the basic deviled egg presentation to create deviled chicks. They were adorable. And, delicious. And, now I'm craving deviled eggs, so, good thing Easter is only weeks away.