Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: The Year in Review

I have a few hours before our company arrives for our New Year's Eve blow-out (Six adults, six teenagers, two tween, and two littles + appetizers, board games, and a photo booth = a blow-out. Damn, we are old. In my defense, the wine and champagne will flow the adults, I mean, obviously; contributing to the delinquency of minors is not how I plan to end the year. And, I digress. Some things never change...), so I thought that I would recap the year of our Lord, two thousand and fifteen.

January: We kicked off the year with a blow-out (See above for definition), followed by our annual sledding trip on New Year's Day (It was extremely frigid and I hope like hell that tomorrow's trip is a little more pleasant). The rest of the month appears to have been spent in the bleachers, watching the Man-Cub play basketball, if my photo archives can be believed (Spoiler; they can).


February: There was a lot more basketball, a shit-ton of snow (From which the Man-Cub made the world's most pitifully tiny snowman), and The Teenager turned nineteen. Since she was away at UNC, I didn't get a picture of her on her birthday, nor did I get to celebrate with her; I did, however, bake red velvet cupcakes for her, and Hugh was able to deliver them when they met in Denver to attend the state wrestling tournament, so, she at least knew I was thinking about her.

March: Spring! Baseball! Paris! Pretty much in that order.

April: More baseball and five million posts about Paris. I will spare you both the details and more photos. You're welcome.

May: I planted a garden that was doomed to fail, watched more baseball, chaperoned our annual End of School Slip'n'Slide party, and, my girls came home from college, making us a family of five, for the first time, ever.

June: Lazy summer days on the porch, the purchase of a new (To us) RV, and a weekend at the cabin with The Girls.

July: We spent the 4th at Lake Powell, breaking in the RV. Later in the month, Hugh's side of the family got together for the first time in many, many years and the kids all got a chance to get to know each other a little better. At the end of the month, Stampede was a quiet affair (The first without Dad), but I got to enjoy the antics of my aunts and uncles (It was like herding cats, seriously).


August: We spent a weekend at Crawford State Park, in the RV, with Chris and Jana, as a way to say goodbye to summer. The kids all went back to school. The Man-Cub started football, which meant the annual fundraising car wash.

September: Labor Day at the lake. We bought a house in Neighboring City and the girls moved out, leaving me the sole female in the house, again. The Cub played football, scoring his first touchdown, at the Homecoming game, no less. Then the Homecoming dance happened and the Cub had a date.

October: Football, football, football, so much football (And, I loved every minute of it). I finally embraced the Booster Club experience, and we went all out with our Halloween decorations, as usual. We also marked the first year since Dad's passing. I can't believe we made it a year; does it get any easier as time goes by? We'll see, I guess.

November: The end of the football season and the beginning of basketball. Thanksgiving, and, a new scrapbooking room for which to be thankful.

December: All things holiday; decorating, Christmas card photo session, time with family, and the general chaos and stress that comes along with it.

2015, you were a pretty decent year. Thanks for the memories.