Monday, March 13, 2023

What Fresh Hell Is This?

Y'all this is the winter that will not end. We've had more snow in the past month than in all of the previous three months, combined and I am over it. I'm also over the mud that my dog keeps tracking through the house, thanks to the snow/melt/rain cycle that is playing on a loop in Petticoat Junction.

In short: the weather vexes me.

You know what else vexes me? 

This morning, I got notified by Blogger that a post I wrote in June of 2016 had been reported for community violations and is now tucked away behind a security wall. The post was from our trip to Las Vegas for Anthony and Bethany's wedding weekend, during which we took her to see the Thunder Down Under as part of her bachelorette party. Apparently, a photo showing three half-naked hineys (hinnies? How does one spell the plural of hiney?) was enough to cause some poor innocent person to clutch their pearls in horror.

I could dispute the infraction, but, I'm not really all that interested in spending time defending something I posted almost seven years ago. For fucks sake; Anthony and Bethany have had two children since then. Anyway, if naked buttocks offend thee, please refrain from visiting the archives of this here blog.

Anyhoodle, back to the weather.

The one saving grace for this never-ending cycle of precipitation is the fact that it allowed me to get in one last senior picture shoot for Phoebe's daughter. She had envisioned having pictures from every season of her Senior year, and we nailed it. 

I also managed to catch the exact moment that a glob of wet, slushy snow fell from a tree overhead and landed on top of Phoebe. I'm sure she appreciated the timing.

We had a fantastic visit and are looking forward to finding a time when we can get all of The Girls together for our annual trip (semi-annual, since we miss a year here and there, thanks to all these kids we've been raising for the past 28 years, or so). 

Speaking of trips, I haven't mentioned that Hugh is currently in Puerto Rico (I haven't mentioned anything this month, actually). He's been there for a week, "working" at the National wrestling tournament. If he thinks for one minute that I won't be utilizing this as leverage for either the purchase of a greenhouse or an extended trip with The Girls (probably both, actually); he is crazy.

One-or both- of those things is just what the doctor would order to cure this cabin fever, I'm sure of it.

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