Monday, April 10, 2023

Easter Shenanigans

We had a great Easter weekend at Casa de Chelle! I started the weekend off on Saturday morning, baking my first-ever batch of coconut macaroons. Coconut macaroons seemed "Eastery" to me, so I went for it, despite the fact that Hugh detests coconut and I wasn't 100% sure who would join me in eating the damn things.

I need not have worried; both my Mom and Emily were big fans of the macaroon. So, there, Hugh!

The recipe I used was Ina Garten's and I will post it, soon, in case you, too, want to bake something that makes your beloved gag in a distinctly unattractive way. 

I gave Hugh no further cause to gag the rest of the weekend; in fact, I made some truly amazing brunch food, but I'll get to that, later.

Saturday evening, Mom, Hugh, the Man-Cub, Shanti, and I dyed Easter eggs. Mom "accidentally" dropped one, which the Man-Cub was quick to volunteer to eat. He's such a giver, that one.

Sunday morning, I was up early, getting a glazed ham and an egg casserole (absolutely ah-may-zing! Rceipe to follow, so I don't ever forget how to make it!) into the oven for our planned brunch. Mom, Oscar, Emily, Shanti and the Man-Cub, Kristi and Erin, Hugh and I all dug into the feast, following a round of mimosas that were, quite possibly, the tastiest mimosas I have ever consumed. I think it was the champagne, and now it occurs to me that I need to dig the bottle out of the trash so I can document what brand it was for next time.

After brunch, Hugh, the Cub, Shanti, and I headed over to Mama Jill's for her annual Easter Shenanigans Beer Hunt. What is a beer hunt, you ask? It's like an egg hunt, only with bottles of beer (plus wine and shooters, just to cover all the bases). We also had a great potluck dinner (I contributed my Mediterranean pasta salad and got rave reviews; that recipe is already posted on this blog), and generally enjoyed time in the sunshine, which we haven't been able to enjoy for quite some time. Praise the Lord.

Today, I start another busy week at Not So New Job. I'm not looking forward to it, but, a girl's got to eat. Speaking of which; have I mentioned that I ate really well this weekend?

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