Monday, May 13, 2024

Prepare For a Motherlode of Pictures

Happy Day After Mother's Day!

Or, if that's not your jam; happy Monday!

Mother's Day is my jam, so I'll tell you all about how we celebrated it.

On Saturday morning, Mom and I met up bright and early for a little jaunt to an antique sale several towns over.

My friend, who helped to make Pickin' at the Pea the legend that it has become, has started a new co-op with several new vendors; her new sale took place in a brand new barn, and friend, if I were to have a barn, this is exactly the kind of barn that I would want to have.

It. Was. Gorgeous.

And just look at the view from the barn!

The only drawback to the sale was the fact that the majority of vendors were upstairs. Did Mom let that deter her? No, no she did not; she took those stairs like a boss.

She was glad she did, too. The loft area of the barn was simply amazing. Seriously, if this is what barns are all about, sign me up! I happen to know that Hugh could build me a copycat barn, he has the skills; we just need to hand him a napkin so he can sketch it out and I'm sure he'll get right on it. He will, of course, point out the fact that I don't need a barn because I don't have animals, to which I will naturally respond that I don't need animals, Hugh; I have antiques.


While there were a few common vendors at the sale; the vibe was very different from Pickin' at the Pea. The Pea features a whimsical, funky collection of what we refer to as junque; not quite junk, but close. Think lots of rust, repurposed metals, industrial items, etc.

The barn sale was a lot more curated and the displays were gorgeous. 

I have the opposite of buyer's remorse; I should have bought that camera and I did not 😭

Mom and I did each take home a few treasures, but not before visiting with friends who were also at the sale, which; is always the best part of these events, in my opinion.

On the way back to Petticoat Junction, we stopped at a nursery to look at the flowers. This particular nursery is well known for their hanging baskets, which are gorgeous and huge. Far too large and heavy for either mine or Mom's needs.

They did, however, have a selection of really healthy Bleeding Hearts. Mom used to have a Bleeding Heart in the back yard at the house in Mayberry; it was her pride and joy until Dad accidentally (I think) killed it. Mom. Was. LIVID. In fact, I'm pretty sure that was his one and only transgression for which she never offered him forgiveness.

So, I bought her a new plant for her yard in Hooterville. I'm sure Dad gave an immediate heavenly thumbs up to the purchase (also, I'm sure she'll finally forgive him when they meet again).

Now, I bet you're on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what I did buy at the Barn Sale. Let's just say  that: this purchase is a great indicator that I am entering my Granny Era.

She's an old bird cage stand, repurposed as a plant hanger! And the fern came with her!

Why do I think this heralds the Granny Era? Because my Grandma Molly had the biggest fern in the history of ferns and I cannot see one without thinking of her.

I'm totally ok with it. Plus, that stand is going to look adorable on my porch.

I also got this antique mirror. It's super heavy and I'm not sure where I am going to hang it just yet, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Later Saturday evening, Mom and I had dinner at the restaurant at the country club. I hadn't taken her there yet, and I thought she would enjoy it.

I had hoped to sit on the patio, but the Colorado weather wasn't having it, so we sat inside. The view was still pretty nice, though.

And the food was delicious. Mom had shrimp scampi and I had the stacked pork chops, which were smothered in melted gouda, spinach, and sundried tomatoes. 

After dinner, we went to the community theater to watch the final performance of this year's season. The play was great and I am definitely planning to renew my season tickets for the next season. 

By the time I got home, I was wiped out, so I slept in a little bit on Sunday morning. Then, my Mother's Day celebration consisted of ordering Hugh and the Man-Cub around the yard as they gave me the only gift I had requested: fresh mulch in the flowerbeds and a newly tilled space for a wildflower garden.

It was a perfect way to spend the day.

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