Monday, June 20, 2022

Another Week Gone By...

...I really do suck at the blogging.

You know what also sucks? Bloglovin', which is the RSS reader that I have used for years to organize my blog reading habit. It has been down for days now, after being active for only a brief period of time following the last outage. I have no problem moving on to a new reader, in fact, I have Feedly up and running, but; I have a lot of blogs saved on Bloglovin' and I would like to be able to access it to remind myself which blogs I still need to move over (since, surprise! Other bloggers update about as infrequently as I do recently so posts only come up on occasion and I can't be expected to remember very single website). 

Anyhoodle, end of rant.

What have I been up to this week? I managed to survive the first big fundraiser of the season at Not So New Job. The fundraiser was a concert featuring Big Head Todd & the Monsters. Never heard of them? Yeah, neither had I, but, they drew a large crowd and for that, I am grateful. Of course, the event was not without it's hiccups, mainly on the part of the venue, but; my staff and volunteers were amazing. We were responsible for the general admission gate, and we ran it like a well-oiled machine (minus the parts where the app that we were supposed to use to scan tickets went tits up and we ran out of the bands that we were supposed to be using to indicate legal aged drinkers).

I was exhausted by the time I got home Friday night and the rest of the weekend was also fairly eventful, so I am dragging ass this morning. This does not bode well for the week I am about to have but I shall power through.

So, I'll wrap up this post with a slew of pictures to illustrate my weekend. Sorry in advance for the photo overload.

My Garden is coming along nicely. I have several new gadgets in my arsenal for ensuring a productive endeavor, including a ph testing kit and a moisture probe.

Since my raised bed only offers so much real estate; I have been researching ways to make the most of every square inch. One hack I learned is that tomato cages can be used to train squash upward in order to save space and keep the plants healthier. I'm excited to see if it works.

When I wasn't in the garden, I was attacking one side of my closet, purging clothing that no longer fits. There were a lot more items than I care to admit, but, I feel better now that they have been purged.

Saturday evening, I attended a baby shower for one of the victims advocates from our local police department, then, on Sunday evening, Hugh and I met the Man-Cub and Shanti at the theater for the new Jurassic Park movie. That made for more socializing in one weekend than I have done in weeks.

No wonder I am exhausted.

Anyway, if you don't hear from me for awhile, it's because Not So New Job is poised to kill me with a full schedule of events, reports, grant writing, and everyday duties. And, did I mention that I am understaffed?


There are good reasons for my inattention to this space.

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