Monday, April 01, 2024

Easter Was Delicious

Hugh and I hosted Easter brunch yesterday and I think we outdid ourselves on the food. And you know that by we, I me I.

That's ok; Hugh had a really stressful day previously, while struggling to install my new kitchen appliances. That, however, is a story for another day.

Anyhoodle, Mom, Oscar, Emily, the Man-Cub, Shanti, Shanti's mom, dad, and brother all joined us to celebrate the holiday and it was a fabulous day. I really enjoy Shanti's family and look forward to meeting her sister and other brother closer to the wedding.

When we weren't discussing the wedding, which we did a lot, we were eating glazed ham, egg casserole, lemon blueberry scones, asparagus with Hollandaise sauce, fruit salad and coconut macaroons (those of us who actually like coconut, anyway). Naturally, we chased it all down with mimosas.

I do love a good food holiday and Easter is a close second to Thanksgiving in my book.

The feast did require me to spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen, which reminded me that I do actually enjoy cooking and baking. I should probably remember that the next time I am hungry but feeling too lazy to prepare a meal., for instance.

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