Friday, March 29, 2024

Easter Decorations on Parade

 I can't believe that Easter is on Sunday; having it so early this year is doing a number on me, despite the fact that I have had my Easter decorations out since roughly the day after Valentines Day.

It seems like today is a good day to document the decorations, since they will be coming down on Monday (or, thereabouts).

As usual, the Martha Stewart brand tulips that I collected the past couple of years from Marshalls are on full display throughout the house. I still love how realistic they look, and; the fact that they can stay up until well into May makes my heart very happy.

My bunny collection is also spread throughout the house (numbering just under 60. We know this because Hugh wagered with the Daughter-in-Love that there were 60 and she countered at just under 60. The exact count was 58, so Shanti was the victor in that particular contest).

Hugh swears that the bunnies multiply every year, and, he's not exactly wrong. In my defense, they are adorable, and, who doesn't like a bunny? Psychopaths, that's who.

He should just be happy to know that he did not marry a psycho.

You're welcome, Hugh.

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