Tuesday, February 04, 2020

In Which She Survived the First Day

New Day Job is going to be a challenge and a half, but, I made it through the first day! Credit for setting the tone for the day goes to Co-Worker Erin (you may remember her as 1/2 of The Lesbians), who, I would refer to as Ex Co-Worker Erin, since I worked with her at Old Day Job, but, surprise! She also works part-time at New Day Job, so, still a co-worker! Although, she now refers to me as Boss Lady, which is both endearing and embarrassing, and, a total digression from the point...the point is; she and Kristi (the other 1/2 of The Lesbians, and, ironically, another ex co-worker) surprised me with a welcoming gift!

It was so thoughtful and sweet, and, as I said, it set the tone for the day; I do got this!

Hugh also gave me a sweet card, but, I didn't discover that until much later in the day (like, wellll past work hours), when he casually inquired as to whether or not I had seen it (he hid it in my day planner, and I was so busy learning the specifics of an accreditation application that I am responsible for submitting, like, next month, that I never even opened the planner).

Speaking of things that happened past work hours; I attended my first fundraising event as the Executive Director of New Day Job last night. I knew more people at the event than I expected to know, and, actually felt like I belonged in the room. So, one of my biggest fears about this position has been unrealized; this gives me great hope that I will survive day two, which is where I am headed as soon as I hit publish on this post.

On a totally unrelated note, while I was learning the ropes at the new place yesterday, Hugh was taking the Boomer Dog to the vet, where he got a ringworm diagnosis and a hefty dose of fat-shaming.

I've been instructed to help him lose 11.8 pounds.

Bless his heart.

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