Saturday, February 22, 2020

Speaking of Springtime...

...which, is what I was doing in my last post, in case you are confused... spring FabFitFun box arrived yesterday! I didn't actually know that it had arrived, because, with the change in jobs came a change in addresses to which I am comfortable having packages sent (long story involving the complete ineptitude of the staff of our local post office combined with some completely bullshit nonsense about FedEx and UPS not recognizing our home's physical address as a real address, despite the fact that we, you know, live here, which, means that packages cannot be successfully delivered to our house...and, I digress). So, the package went to the hardware store, and, guys being guys, no one thought to mention that a brightly colored box of obvious fun had arrived for me until today. I'm choosing forgiveness.


I now have possession of the box and its' contents, and, I'm actually quite pleased with this season's variety of items. Shall we take a looksie? We shall!

The box, as I said earlier, is super colorful, with bright butterflies and other springtime details.

Inside the box:

I am intrigued by the Glo Wrinkle Treatment Wand thingamajig; and, if it works, I shall shout its merits from the mountaintops (not holding my breath, but, a girl can dream).

I am also looking forward to trying out the weighted sleep mask; anything that helps me sleep better rates high on my list of useful items (again, not holding my breath).

The silicone straws will come in handy; I've been using stainless steel ones, but, the silicone seem like they will be easier to clean (or, at least they will make it easier to see where they aren't getting clean).

With the exception of the pretty paddle brush (which I am in love with), everything else falls into the "stuff I can try on my face and body in a futile attempt to defy the ravages of old age" category, which, I'm about as optimistic about as I can be, which, is to say, not very. But! Hope springs eternal.

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