Sunday, February 23, 2020

Twenty and Four

Twenty-four years ago, today, I gave birth to the world's most beautiful baby girl. Not that I'm biased. Or, bragging. Although, I am, and, I am.


Over the years, I've written in detail about Queen B, her birth, her toddler years, her teenage years, etc., etc. I've always tried to express how proud she makes me, how incredible I think she is, how much joy she brings to our lives, and, this year's post will be no exception. But, this year, I also have to find the words to express how incredibly inspired I am by her, how, her bravery and resiliency have left me in awe.

Navigating early adulthood is a scary and challenging prospect and she is handling it with grace and determination despite some pretty intense experiences, that, frankly, would have left a less strong person on the ground, rocking in the fetal position.

She's learned from her challenges, and, is putting the experiences that she has had to use in her new position, which, is a task that a lot of much older people fail to do in their lives; I can't adequately express how amazing I find that ability.

I can't be with her today, but, I know she is going to make the most of her day. She'll find joy, because she actively looks for it. She'll do something fun, because she knows the value of it. She'll thank God for her blessings because she is truly grateful for them, and, she'll know how very much she is loved, because she has learned how to love herself, and, it's impossible to accept the love of others without having the ability to love oneself first. It's a lesson she has worked hard to learn and one that will serve her well in her life.

Happy birthday, Queen B! We love you to infinity.

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