Saturday, April 25, 2020

Good Things

Yesterday, I noticed that there is rhubarb growing wild in the backyard at New Job. Seeing it immediately transported me back to my childhood and my grandparents' garden, where a large rhubarb plant grew with wild abandon each spring and summer. My Grandma Molly made the best strawberry rhubarb pie, and, my mom's recipe for strawberry rhubarb cake is something that I am now itching to recreate with those newly-discovered stalks.

Last night, I picked up takeout from the cute little trattoria in Hooterville. I ordered the Risotto alle Verdura, which is a risotto chock-full of spring vegetables, finished with a creamy citrus sauce. I paired it with a Sauvignon Blanc that was impeccable.

While we ate dinner, Hugh and I watched our local community theater's live stream production of War of the Worlds, which they did via Zoom, with each member of the cast streaming from their own home. It was an incredibly brave thing to do, and I applaud both the performance and the ingenuity that it took for the production company to come up with the idea. As they say in the theater, the show must go on! And, it did.

After looking at the picture that I recently posted, showing the sad state of the skin on my hands, I picked up this tube of hand cream and have been using it frequently throughout the day. My hands feel-and look-much, much better.

Since I was in Target  already (picking up the hand cream),  I figured I might as well do a little pleasure-shopping (it's been so long!), and, I picked up this candle. I'm actually burning it right now and it smells phenomenal.

During this whole Covid craziness, I have tried several new wines, and this one is a new favorite for sure. It really does taste buttery, which, sounds odd for wine but, trust me when I say; it totally works.

I'm grateful for all of these things, small though they may be. I wouldn't want to look back at this and not be able to recognize that there were bright spots in an otherwise dark time.

There are always things in which to find joy.

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