Monday, April 20, 2020

The Weekend That Was

Friday morning, I finally hit the submit button on the big project that I have spent the past two and a half months working on at New Job. To celebrate, I purchased several bottles of good wine, one of which I proceeded to enjoy the moment I got home at the end of the day.

Not coincidentally, I managed to sleep through the night, waking up just shy of 9:00 Saturday morning. I haven't managed that in months and it was greatly needed. The rest gave me the energy that I needed to attack the items on my weekend "to do" list, including the garage photo shoot that I wrote about in my last post.

Saturday evening, I retired to my office with another bottle of wine and a few snacks; The Girls and I had another virtual cocktail hour to enjoy. Then, I managed another full night of sleep, which, was another happy surprise.

Sunday, I went into the hardware store early, in order to catch up on my duties there. Then, I joined Hugh back at the house, where he was taking advantage of the nice weather by power-washing the porch. Since that is usually my chore to do, I was most grateful.

I put the last piece of furniture in place a little after 8:00, and, spent the remainder of the evening lounging on the couch, chatting with the Man-Cub.

It was not a bad way to spend the weekend, and, I'll be 100% ready to open the porch the second we get the go-ahead to end this social isolation program. Plus, today, I feel almost prepared to go back to New Job to start the next big project that I am tasked with accomplishing. One day at a time, right?


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