Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Twelve Hours In the Life of an Essential Worker

The governor of our fine state has decreed that the state will partially reopen next Monday, which means that certain non-essential businesses will be allowed to open their doors, as long as they can meet some appropriate social distancing guidelines. This includes hair salons (thankyoulordjeebus!), car washes (dittolordjebus!), and retail stores, offering curbside service.

This is all very exciting, and, it's just a matter of time before all employees are again considered "essential".

So, how did this essential employee spend her day? Well, it started off with a low tire pressure warning which necessitated a stop at the local Co-op for repair.

The culprit behind the slow leak in my tire.
Also, the dry, chapped, cracked condition of my hands is proof-positive that I take the whole hand washing thing seriously...thanks for the dishpan hands Covid-19.

Once I made it into work, I spent the remainder of the morning organizing a photo shoot for our Facebook page while juggling a grant report, check requests, and yet another in a long, long line of Zoom video conferences.

Then, I donned my trusty mask and headed out to do errands, including banking, which, feels really weird to do whilst wearing a mask and sunglasses.

The afternoon went by quickly. I finished the photo project that I started earlier in the day; it's now ready for our social media coordinator to post tomorrow morning.

Once I clocked out, I headed for home, stopping at the little market in Petticoat Junction to grab the ingredients for chicken sandwiches.

And, that is essentially how I spent my day (see what I did there?).

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