Monday, July 05, 2021

'Sup, 'Merica?

 Happy day after Independence Day! Hopefully, you are reading this from the comfort of your own home, where you are spending the day "officially"  observing the 4th of July. If, however, you are like me and had to report for duty regardless of the federal observation date; I am so sorry.

On the positive side (look at me, seeing the silver lining again! Go bio-identical hormone therapy!), I did give my staff Friday off, so we still got to enjoy a long weekend (I was technically on-call, but, I'm still considering it a win); I chose to observe the holiday on Friday, rather than today because, when we have Mondays off at Not So New Job, the rest of the week takes notice and literally hands us our asses as punishment. 

So, what did I do with my technically long (despite being on call, which always causes me slight anxiety) weekend?

Well, On Friday, I got a nice long facial at the Day Spa in Hooterville.

On Saturday, I worked out and then got a pedicure.

And, on Sunday, Hugh and I loaded up the four wheelers, grabbed The Newlyweds, and headed to the mountains for a nice long ride through the forest (stopping at every point of high elevation to test the signal strength on my cell so that I would be sure not to miss a call from work).

I am proud to say, that, not only did we see some beautiful scenery, but I managed to relax and to spend some time counting my blessings and truly allowing myself to feel calm. That hasn't happened in a really long time, so clearly it was overdue.

On a more exciting note; I drove my own four wheeler for the first time (not the first time, like, ever, but certainly within the past several decades). I did great! I even managed the confidence to drive up the ramps onto the trailer at the end of the day! And, ok, I did have one minor incident, hitting a rock at an awkward angle and causing the handlebar to drive itself aggressively into my left boob (major ugly bruise alert), but, for the most part, I was a rock star!

Today, I am feeling the effects of manhandling a several-hundred-pound machine for eight hours. My inner thighs feel like I rode a horse for a week and my arm and chest muscles are screaming (and, of course, there is that black-and-blue boob). But, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Or, in a couple of weeks, which is when we are hoping to return to the mountains for a weekend camping excursion. I really have learned that time in nature restores my equilibrium and I need to take advantage of the amazing opportunities right in my own backyard far more often than I do.

Thanks, Independence Day, for reminding me of that fact.

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