Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Hair's to a Great Girl! Birthday Box 2022

Tomorrow is Queen B's birthday and, since we won't be seeing her until Friday; I sent her gifts in a care package earlier this month. Of course, she had strict instructions not to open the box until the 23rd. 

When I asked her what she wanted this year, she was pretty specific: new hair extensions since her current ones had gotten "scraggly". She chose the extensions online so she was well aware that she would be getting them.

Since I cannot allow a birthday to pass without at least a few surprises, I filled her box with a few other items, including a new blow dryer. I figured, why not stay with the hair theme.

So, in the box:

Sassin Halo-style Hair Extensions

Amika Blow Dryer

Red Velvet Cake Mix

Cream Cheese Frosting

Unicorn Birthday Candles

Cake Sprinkles

Unicorn Bath Puff

Am I a little sad that my daughter will have to bake her own birthday cake? Yes. Will I make it up to her when I see her in Denver this weekend? Also, yes.

Am I still the Boss of birthday boxes?


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