Tuesday, March 15, 2022

A Sign of the Times

In case you didn't know it; Spring is upon us! I know because, yesterday; I saw the first Robin of the season pulling a scrawny, dried-out looking worm out of the sad, dry grass in the yard at Not So New Job and Robins are always the first sign of Spring in our neck of the woods.

Another sure sign of the season is the sudden urge to clean and organize my house. Anyone else? Please don't let me be alone in this affliction.

The urge reared its head this past weekend and resulted in a cleaning spree of my office, which, in all fairness, probably managed to escape a thorough going-over last year, so, was more than overdue. When I started the project, it looked like this:

That's many, many months of generalized clutter, with a thick layer of dust for good measure. My mother would be ashamed.

Anyhoodle, after several hours of hard work, it now looks like this:

I can find things again! And they're where they belong! Let's pause a moment to enjoy it while it lasts.

As I close this, I should also mention the final two obvious signs that Spring has, indeed, sprung itself on me: allergies and generalized exhaustion thanks to the Devil Time Change. 

I have antihistamines for the allergies but only time will repair the trauma of losing an entire hour of sleep. I should stop being bitter about it in, oh, about six weeks or so.

Just in time to start Jonesing for summer. Who's with me?

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