Wednesday, April 20, 2022

April Hasn't Killed Me, Yet

We are a little over halfway through the month and I'm still standing! I have participated in one Child Abuse Prevention Month event and hosted another, in addition to attending a number of work-related seminars, meetings, etc. Last night, I had a Board meeting followed by a social hour, today, I am meeting with an architect to start the process of expanding our building, and, later this week, I will attend the second-to-last event scheduled for the month. Oh, and I'm also planning a golf tournament.

I've been busy, is what I'm saying.

In between the work-related stuff, I have made reservations for my trip to Texas next month, hosted Easter dinner, and spent some quality time with Mom, who is in town for the week. And, as a total aside; my local grocery store must have gotten the memo that I was going to have company, because they marked down this amazing rose bouquet just for the occasion (that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Also, $9.99, people! $9.99!)

Flowers aren't the only way to celebrate an event; balloons are always a hit! And, for the Awareness event that we hosted this weekend, I made good use of my balloon tying/arch making skills, which, I believe we all recall; were finely honed while my children were in High School.

A skill I haven't so finely honed is painting, but, that didn't stop me from joining in on the fun at the Sip and Paint that we hosted for our partners in law enforcement, child welfare, the DA's office, etc. We painted pictures of pinwheels, which is the symbol for Child Abuse prevention, and, I did an ok job, if I do say so, myself. Plus, it was fun.

And, while I didn't actively participate in the BINGO portion of the program, I did supervise. Throughout the day, we entertained roughly 200 people, mostly families who came to play games at our event after finishing the local Easter egg hunts.

It was a great event, and, while we were a bit rusty (first event of this kind in two years, thankyouverymuch, pandemic); we pulled it off with grace. 

Next week, I am looking forward to things slowing down just a titch. If I can catch my breath, there is a good chance that I will, indeed, survive the month.

Fingers crossed!

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