Sunday, January 01, 2023

Looks Like We Made It!

For the first time in I don't know how long, Hugh and I made it to midnight on New Year's Eve! I'm taking that as a great sign of things to come in 2023.

We didn't do it on our own; Erin and Miss Ree joined us for an evening of cheese fondue and fun (Kristi was in Florida, visiting her mom and grandmother). The fondue was amazing and I'm calling it right now: fondue will be the charcuterie board of 2023. You heard it here, first.

Anyhoodle, we had originally expected to hang out for just a couple of hours before calling it an early night, but, time really slipped away from us, and the next thing we knew, the ball was dropping. So, we grabbed our noisemakers and confetti poppers and headed out to the back porch, where we welcomed in the New Year as loudly and gleefully as we could manage (to chase away the evil spirits).

Then, just to assure good fortune through the next twelve months; I opened the back door to let the old year out and then opened the front door to welcome the new year in (Irish custom).

This evening, Hugh and I joined Shanti and the Man-Cub and Oscar and Emily at Mom's house, where we ate Mom's traditional New Year's day meal of cheesy potato soup and black eyed peas cooked with bacon. Everyone knows that you have to eat black eyed peas on new year's day, if you are to have good luck throughout the year. I ate an extra hefty portion, because I'm determined to have a good year.

I'm also planning to pour a salt circle around both my house and Not So New Job, because every little bit of customary gesture that ensures good fortune is highly, highly welcome.

Happy New Year, y'all!

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