Monday, January 30, 2023

Let's Get Baked (No, Not Like THAT)

This weekend, I really only had two goals: bake heart-shaped sugar cookies for Valentines Day, and bake a couple of loaves of bread. I succeeded in both regards, despite having a killer sinus headache. So, my weekend was a win.

I also got to eat the green chili mac 'n' cheese that I've been craving, along with a Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich. Unfortunately, the wicked sinus headache must have interfered with my tastebuds, because neither item tasted nearly as good to me as they did the first time I had them at this particular restaurant. I'll definitely have to give it another go once I am recovered.   

The cookies I made were from my go-to sugar cookie recipe and, while I'm not one to sample the dough before it is baked; I am told that it was delicious. Who told me, you ask? The Man-Cub, who made  a beeline for the house as soon as he heard I was baking them. The child has always loved to be by my side as I roll out the dough and cut the cookies and it does my heart good to know that this habit has not changed with adulthood.

I am on my second attempt at sourdough starter, having tossed the original batch when I noticed mold forming on the surface. The second batch is actually doing quite well (fingers crossed that I didn't just jinx myself), but it wasn't quite ready to bake with yet, so I went with a recipe that called for yeast, instead.

I think it turned out pretty well. It probably could have used a wee bit more time in the oven, for a darker, crispier crust, but, overall, it was a winner.

I practiced my scoring technique on the bread and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Once I get a good loaf of sourdough proofed and ready to bake, I will be less intimidated by my new lame.

I am still nursing the sinus headache today, but am at work. I don't know if I'll make it through the whole day, but, if I don't; I've got bread and honey to look forward to. I can think of worse things.

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