Friday, June 09, 2023

Friday Favorites

The summer weather is off to a really great start! This makes me wonder if I need to offer Mother Nature an apology since I was so hard on her about the Neverending Winter of 22-23. I said some pretty unkind things, and I'm sorry for it.

Ok, that is a lie. I'm not sorry; that winter sucked.

But! As I said, summer is going swimmingly! It hasn't been hot, but it hasn't been cold. There's been plenty of sunshine, yet some quick squalls have blown through regularly; quenching the thirst of my garden plants and flowers.

The flowers have attracted a plethora of butterflies and bees, which always make my heart happy. I especially love the yellow swallowtails that flit around the house at Not So New Job; they were a lifeline for me back in 2020, when I was adrift and drowning in anxiety and depression; seriously questioning my life's choices.

These butterflies bring me such peace.

And the bees are a sign of new life and the sweetness of honey; two things I can totally get behind.

Speaking of sweetness, I picked up a box of cookies for the staff this week; they've been working especially hard and they deserved a treat. Twisted Sugar opened in Hooterville last fall and they are giving the local Crumbl Cookie a run for its money. 

On the topic of working hard; I managed to demolish the Man-Cub's shrine this week, refreshing his old room in a way that makes me happy. Don't worry, though; all of the Cub's sports memorabilia is safely tucked away in the closet that he (finally!) cleaned out for last weekend's yard sale.

Lastly, I am loving my garden! The plants are coming along nicely, and, Queen B brought me two Texas license plates for the fence when she flew in this past weekend to attend the funeral of one of her best friend's uncles. The plates went up right away and they are a fantastic addition to what is rapidly becoming a work of art, all on its own.

And, that wraps up this edition of Friday Favorites. I'm sure I'll have plenty of new things to talk about next week, because I actually have plans this weekend, including the gender reveal for Kaley and Isaac! I've done what Hugh refers to as my Gypsy-Hoodoo Voodoo on her and I am looking forward to seeing if my streak remains unbroken (never been wrong and have been doing this for years!).

Stay tuned!


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