Monday, June 19, 2023

Oh, Look! Another Weekend Update!

 I swear, I should just call myself the weekend correspondent and leave it at that.

So, how did that weekend go? Well, it started out quite dreadfully, thank you for asking. And, by dreadful, I mean that my staff, Board members, and volunteers froze our ever-loving asses off in a cold, cold Colorado rain while working the General Admission gates at our concert fundraiser on Friday night.

Why you gotta do us dirty like that, Colorado?

The day started out ok; I mean, there was sunshine. Wind? A bit, but nothing we couldn't handle; we were optimistic!

By the time the gates opened at 5:30, however, it was full-on pouring. Sideways. Into our pop-up, drenching us with liquid that could best be described as "almost ice, but not quite".  The main act was scheduled to take the stage at 8:00, but a sudden lightning storm sent concert-goers scurrying for their cars and we seriously wondered if the band would exercise its' adverse weather clause.; thankfully, they didn't. I have it on good authority that several hundred die-hard fans stuck it out through the band's entire two-hour set which started just a mere twenty minutes late. I wouldn't know; I sent my people home at 9:00 when we dismantled the ticket booth. I needed a warm shower and a heating pad.

In true Colorado fashion, Saturday dawned bright and sunny. Because, of course it did. I didn't enjoy a whole lot of it, because I was busy cleaning the house for this weekend's anniversary party, but, we did sneak out for a quick appearance at our Katie girl's bridal shower.

One week to go until this Missy becomes a Missus!

On Sunday, we went to breakfast with Mom, the Man-Cub, and my nephew and his daughter, who had come into town to visit the night before.

It was so nice to see them, and I know it made both my Mom's and my nephew's days.

We ended the day with dinner on the porch with Oscar, Emily, Mom, the Man-Cub and Shanti. I served an amazing salad made from spinach, arugula, and lettuce from the garden. Hugh whipped up a stir-fry recipe on the Blackstone that we saw on TikTok. It was really, really good, which isn't always the case when we try viral recipes.

Oh, and I think my gift to my father-in-law made his Father's Day. I'm sure his actual biological children will be so impressed.

Hugh liked his Father's Day presents, too. His t-shirt is accurate (not pictured is the tin sign that I got his for the Man Gazebo; it features a mermaid because Hugh has a thing about mermaids).

So, anyhoodle, it was a weekend of ups and downs. Let's hope I find time to write about something else this week. If not, see  you back here next Monday for another  weekend update!

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