Friday, January 19, 2024

Friday Favorites, January 19, 2024 Edition

Welcome to the first Friday Favorites post of 2024! Yes, we are slightly more than halfway through the month; do you have a point?

Anyhoodle... enjoyment of embroidery continues, and, along with that, comes a lot of new favorite embroidery accessories.

This needle box combines two favorites in one; a place to keep my needles and a nod to one of my favorite Nancy Drew mysteries. The book nerd in me squealed when I saw it on Amazon. 

Like,  squealed.

I am also incredibly happy with the sewing box that I picked up at Michael's. It holds everything I need and is super-cute while doing so. The super-dorky lighted magnifying glass that I wear around my neck is a favorite, despite the fact that it makes me look...super dorky.

Not quite as dorky as the eye massager that I bought myself after listening to Queen B extol the virtues of the unit that we bought her for Christmas, however.

The machine massages the eyes and temples, is heated, connects to my playlist via bluetooth, and is absolutely amazing at relaxing me when I'm mid-migraine. Worth every penny.

Also worth every penny is the vintage peacock hair clip that I found on Mercari. I'm a huge fan of these pieces from the 30's and 40's and ones that aren't missing large numbers of stones are not easy to find. This one is pristine.

I tried really hard to get a good picture of the clip in my hair, but, sadly, I am no contortionist, so these will have to do.

I went to my second massage in a week on Monday. The first massage (the Wednesday before) released some toxins in my body that I believe ultimately resulted in my migraine on Thursday evening, but that was my fault for not stepping up my water intake to flush my system. I avoided that issue on Monday.

And, lastly, since I'm riding the self-care bandwagon so hard; I also made an appointment to sit in the infrared sauna at the day spa. I had four sessions left on the package that I bought last year and I am determined to use them before they expire. After the sauna, I was encouraged to dip into the cold plunge, but I declined. I'm not a cold plunge kind of gal.

Freezing my ass off is not a favorite.

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