Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Life Lately

I think this is the longest pause that I have taken on this blog since starting it back in 2006. That includes time that I stepped away for vacations,etc. Sadly, I have not been on vacation, so that is no excuse for my absence; I've just not felt terribly motivated to write, felt that I had little to share, and have been focusing my energy in other directions. 

And, that's ok. What once would have given me anxiety in this regard has been replaced with a feeling of peace; this space is here for me to visit when I choose to do so and not something that I should feel pressured to maintain on the days that I feel less than inspired.

Today, I feel inspired enough to share what's been going on around here, lately. Soooo, it's been cold. And, snowy. And, while I hate snow, I have to admit that you can't beat the view of snow-capped mountains.

What do I hate most about the snow? Shoveling immediately comes to mind, followed by driving in the stuff. Also, I'm a girl who enjoys a clean car, and, slushy roads make for a hot mess of a vehicle. Luckily, we have a monthly subscription to a local car wash; they recently opened a new, larger location, and I have been making sure that I squeeze every cent out of that subscription, I assure you.

Since it's too cold outside to do much of anything, I have been revisiting an old hobby: embroidery. My grandma Molly taught me to embroider when I was a child; I hadn't picked up a needle in years, but I was inspired by some TikTok videos, so I decided to try my hand at it, again. It's quite relaxing, and Guinness loves when I sit still long enough for him to snuggle in.

Mom and I did venture out one of the chilly nights; we grabbed dinner at a local Mexican restaurant before attending another play at the community theater. We have both enjoyed this season so far, and I am certain that I will purchase season tickets again next year (Hugh is thrilled to have Mom here to attend the plays with me; he enjoys them on the very rare occasion, but is uninterested in the majority of the offerings).

Lastly, I have been indulging in more frequent massages because, hunching over an embroidery hoop can be pretty stressful on the back and shoulders; who knew?

And, that wraps it up for now. I'm not sure when I will feel inspired enough to write again, but it could be sooner, rather than later, as the kids have finally set a wedding date! August 10th, which is less than seven months away! I'm so excited and have already given Hugh his marching orders for the rehearsal dinner that we will be hosting the night before the wedding. It's going to be one of my favorite events, ever, I just know it!

Definitely stay tuned for that!

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