Tuesday, January 02, 2024


Welcome to 2024!

Did you make it through the ball drop? Shockingly, Hugh and I did. We were watching a series on Netflix that Queen B had recommended and before we knew it, the neighborhood erupted in fireworks, alerting us to the stroke of midnight. I think it's a good sign that we were awake to see it.

I have high hopes for 2024, despite the issues plaguing our world. I am truly hopeful that we humans will pull it together and stop being dicks to each other. I'm planning to do my part, anyway.

This brings me to my goals for 2024, as well as the word that I am going to use as my guidepost. The word is Move, and it's something that can be utilized in a lot of different ways. I chose it because, back in 2020, I had an experience wherein a old childhood reached out from out of the blue to tell me that she had had a vivid dream of my Dad, asking her to tell me to move. It resonated with her hard enough to actually reach out, so I believe it was important to my Dad and, at the time, I was struggling through the Trifecta of Suck; hearing from my friend did at least get me off the couch and on the path to better days.

I haven't forgotten it, and, I think the advice to move was sound. So, I'm using the word to motivate me this year, and, the goals that I'm setting will require motion in some way, shape, or form, so; there you have it.

As for the goals:

-Move my body more. 

-Do all the things; extend the invitation, accept invitations when offered, spend time with family and friends, try new things, re-discover the old things that bring me joy.

-Hustle harder at work; make things happen instead of always responding to what is happening. 

-Use the things; treasured items, precious things, everyday things. They are all meant to be used without fear of damage and for the purpose of creating happiness.

-Write more posts here than last year.

-Move my body more. Because that one bears repeating.

That's it.

Now, let's get a move on.

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