Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Justice League Is Missing A Hero

My sister and I wiled away the past two days by shopping across Portland. I spent a lot of money on things for myself. It was selfish and self-indulgent and, I think I like it.

In addition to splurging on facial products at Sephora, I purchased a kicky striped blouse, a tote bag, a slew of bath products, some new earrings and two pairs of shoes, a pair of boots and a pair of pumps; both high heeled and lipstick red in color. I have never owned a pair of red shoes in my entire life but, now I do and; I think I like it. They remind me of the boots that Wonder Woman wore and she was my favorite Super Friend so, how could I be expected to resist?

Speaking of Wonder Woman, I have long known that my sister possesses a super-power. It is an ability that most women would agree is more impressive than invisibility. More awesome than mind reading and sweeter than the ability to fly; it is the ability to sniff out the best possible price on retail goods and services and she possesses it in spades. This week her abilities enabled her to ferret out the red boots at an End of Season sale in an upscale shoe store. The boots looked so cute on her, I couldn’t help but buy a pair as well; she has such good taste.

Also, I may or may not have evolved from lemmings.

I did however mange to resist the temptation to copy her when she bought the same pair of boots in white so, I’m not completely shameless.

Anyway, she got two pairs of boots for less than the original price of one pair and then, at the Portland Goodwill, she spotted a Coach purse marked at $19.99. We were skeptical of course but, we conducted a thorough inspection to ascertain its authenticity and she happily paid the $19.99 price tag. $19.99! For a Coach purse; $19.99! Seriously! Super power!

Later that day, we went to Nordstrom Rack and I swear I followed behind her, anxiously waiting to snap up her next big discovery which is how I ended up with the red pumps, kicky striped blouse and red plastic earrings that would make the 80’s cry with envy. By the way, have I mentioned that there is no sales tax in Portland?

Shopaholic nirvana, people.

Enough about my illness, though.

In addition to shopping, my sister and I also had a chance to catch up and to enjoy each other’s company. We ate some excellent food at Romano’s Macaroni Grill and Chipotle Mexican Grill (are you sensing a theme?) and we drank enough Starbucks coffee to buzz a caffeine addict. I played the part of the tourist by stopping to smell the flowers at a corner stand and she was kind enough not to tease me for it. She may have rolled her eyes and pretended not to know me but, girlfriend saved me a ton of money on fashionable shoes.

She left for home this morning and I miss her already.

And, not just because I would rather go shopping with her than work (although, there is that).

After all, not everyone can say that they have a sister with Super Powers.
Coach purse, $19.99.
Red boots, $29.99.
Spending time with your Super-powered sister, priceless.

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