Monday, February 05, 2007

Little Black Dresses

I don’t get very many opportunities to dress up. My job is not such that it demands more than a “business casual” wardrobe nor, let’s face it, is my social life. In fact, prior to this weekend, the last time I wore a dress was to my college girlfriend’s wedding. In July.

Recently, however, opportunities have presented themselves.

Saturday night, Hugh and I attended the annual banquet for the Chamber of Commerce which is a fairly fancy-pants event as far as events in our little town go. A large number of the community’s leaders attend the banquet and I decided that it would be the perfect time to display my…um…assets by baring some serious cleavage.

I specifically wore a little black halter dress that, when purchased over a year ago, was described to me as being part of the store’s “Desperate Housewives line”. I am not exactly a housewife and, I try not to think of myself as desperate but, you know, the dress was fabulous.

In addition to the little black dress with the plunging neckline, I wore stockings and three inch heels which, for the record, put me almost eye level with Hugh who proceeded to complain about the fact that he could no longer peer surreptitiously down the valley of my cleavage.

So, there was some desperation, after all. Heh.

The banquet was nice. One of the evening’s featured events was a silent auction and Hugh surprised me by bidding on-and winning-a Get-Away Package for six. The package includes three hotel rooms, dinner at a nice restaurant and a limo for the evening. Hugh thought that it would be a nice way for my college roommates and me to spend some quality time together later this year. I was touched by the gesture and it helped to make the evening brighter; it helped me to forget for a moment.

To forget that I must dress up again this Thursday; when I will be attending my grandmother’s funeral.

Apparently, 95 was old enough for her. And, now we must say good-bye. I am, of course; sad. The world is a slightly less colorful place now, with her gone from it. On the other hand, heaven is that much brighter and, if you listen closely; I swear you will hear the sound of polka music. An angel in a powder-blue dress is dancing atop the clouds. She is with the love of her life and she is happy.

In her honor, I will don a little black dress and a pair of sensible black shoes. I will curl my hair and paint my eyes and I will look pretty at her going away party. Because I cannot think of another person for whom I would rather look nice.


  1. Black dresses are the best- I don't have any cleavage action though. I was told that means I should show my back but I'm not a 'check out my back' kinda gal.

    Sorry about your Grandma:o(

  2. I'm so sorry about your grandmother. I started reading a book on Heaven and it offered a new way to look at our old ideas. Based on their descriptions, I'm sure your grandma is having a blast!