Sunday, December 16, 2007

Annnd Scene….

My last day of work was very nice. The office staff had its holiday party and, as my going-away gift, presented me with a certificate for a live pine tree to be delivered and planted in the spring. This makes me happier than you might imagine since I have always wanted an evergreen that I could decorate with edibles for the birds at Christmastime. It was a very thoughtful gift and I was touched by the gesture.

The rather large monetary bonus that I also received wasn’t too shabby, either.

In the end, I did manage to clean out my office, procrastination be damned and, it wasn’t a bad as I had anticipated. I do have two boxes of crap with zero idea of where to place the contents therein but, as Scarlet O’Hara would say, I’ll think about that tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I start at the store immediately following my annual visit to the crotch doctor and I’m actually looking forward to it. To the time at the store, not to having my nether-regions mined for exploration. In case you were confused.

Today, Hugh and the Man-Cub are off on an elk hunt and The Girl, her best friend and I are making cookie dough truffles, Rocky Road, fudge and chocolate dipped pretzels; it is a very good thing that they both enjoy such endeavors because it gets lonely crafting chocolaty goodness all alone.

This evening, we are going out to dinner with the in-laws and, upon our return, will decorate the cut-sugar cookies that I baked and froze last weekend. Decorating these cookies is one of our most enjoyable family activities during the holidays and I am really looking forward to seeing what kind of alien/space monkey/smurf design my husband comes up with this year. And, as always, I will be grateful for having the opportunity to tease him mercilessly for his efforts.

Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?


  1. ohh yummy holiday goodness. I had a baking day with the girls. We made yummy fudge, cinnamon candies, and cookies galore!

  2. Yay! You made it! :) My holiday baking needs to wait until my cherubs no longer have green stuff flowing freely from the nose. Nothing kills the baking spirit like snot. Just sayin'. ; )