Friday, December 07, 2007

The Mistletoe Monger

While getting my hair cut at the salon yesterday, I was approached by a man bearing a gaily festooned basket full of fresh mistletoe. I did not know such a thing existed in our area; I usually get my mistletoe at the Hellmouth where it comes in a plastic sleeve and consists of two small branches; shocking green in color and ornamented with plastic faux berries. Real mistletoe? Is light green with white non-faux berries and is quite lovely, actually. Having an opportunity to buy it from a man with a Christmas basket draped over his arm and a Santa hat on his head almost made me weep with pleasure.


I did actually weep moments later when I spied the new OPI display at the cash register. Holiday colors! With awesome names! On sale! Buy one-get-one-half-off! So, I bought four which was actually like buying three and getting one for free!

It is an illness, do not judge me!

So, I took my nicely trimmed head of hair home, hung up the mistletoe and painted my toenails with Pretty at the Premiere.

People, it does not take much to make me happy.

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  1. We have mistletoe growing on trees in just about every yard in town yet people still sit on the side of the road selling it!