Monday, September 29, 2008

This Just In: Midterm Grades

Tell me, please, how it is possible for a child of mine to get an A in pre-algebra, an A in English literature, a B in Science, a B+ in History, an A- in Social Studies and a C…in P.E.

P.E.! All you have to do is show up and; I know she shows up because, if she didn’t, the school would notify me via its (kind of creepy) automated telephone system and I would have heard DEAR PARENT, YOUR CHILD WAS ABSENT FROM ONE OR MORE CLASSES TODAY. IF YOU ARE UNAWARE OF THIS ABSENCE PLEASE NOTIFY THE SCHOOL IMMEDIATELY which, never happened. The only other way to get a C in P.E. is to just plain not participate in the class activities and, I wash her P.E. uniform every week; the kid participates, I’ve smelled the evidence.

So, yeah…C…in P.E. Baffles the mind, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, her grades in the core classes are so awesome, I can’t even complain about the C for fear of setting off some emotional chain-reaction wherein the kid decides to throw all her energy into running laps around the track and lets her other grades slide. No, as the mother of a pre-adolescent, I must choose my battles and this? Yeah, not the hill I choose to die on.

In other news, The Girl’s volleyball game this weekend went well; she is really improving on her overhand serve and is now one of the few girls on the team who is allowed to serve overhand at the games. We are really proud of her.

In other sporting news, the Man-Cub started football practice last week. His team is made up of kids whose parents I mostly enjoy so, when we are all freezing our asses off in the unpleasant weather that is sure to come any moment now; at least I will be surrounded by other parents who aren’t afraid to bitch about it with me.

That’s the spirit, huh?


  1. As an athlete--as she plays volleyball, it baffles me too that she is getting a C in PE.

  2. I too think you should save your energy for another battle that would be worth more than this one!!She is doing soooo well in all the HARD classes and that is the most important!!