Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Always Be Prepared

Yesterday I accompanied the Cub Scouts on a field trip to the local McDonald’s which, might seem like an odd field trip for a bunch of little boys but, considering that half of them will probably end up working fast food at some point in their lives, was fairly appropriate.

The boys enjoyed the trip, most likely due to the giant ice cream cones they recieved at the end of the tour and; I enjoyed my time with the other Scout Moms who were along for the ride. Our troop isn’t exactly what you would call a typical Cub Scout troop -for one thing, it is huge- we are talking 30 boys huge. And, they range in age from first grade to fifth grade so everyone works on their badge projects at their own pace.

Our troop leaders are the nicest, most charitable people I have ever met and they really place the emphasis on the boys having fun, learning good values and being kind to one another rather than on earning every badge ever created and I, for that, I truly appreciate them. Plus, in a town as small as ours, we are lucky to have a troop at all, much less one that does as many neat things as our seems to do.

For example, this month (October already, yikes!), the boys are going to rig a pumpkin catapult for the town’s annual Punkin’ Chuckin’ event. Boys and catapults go together like peas and carrots so, the excitement among the troops is quite high, as you can imagine.

I’m excited for the event, myself as it is being held at one of the local farms and rumor has it that the corn maze there will be haunted that night. Haunted by local high school kids but, haunted nonetheless. Unfortunately, Hugh will be out of town that weekend but, Jana and I have every intention of taking the kids to the event, ourselves; we both like a good scary corn maze.

Not too scary, of course; we wouldn’t want anyone to pee their pants or anything. However, it couldn’t hurt to take along an extra pair of undies, just in case, like the Scout motto says: always be prepared.

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  1. Something about boys and catapults really sounds scary to me. Maybe you and Jana should take along extra undies!