Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So Much to Do, So Little Time

Why is it that, no matter how prepared I think I am for Christmas; I always end up running around doing last-minute chores? I start this process in October, people, how can I not be finished, yet?

It is one of life’s greater mysteries, right up there with Is The Abominable Snowman Real and Does the Dryer Really Eat Socks? Which, for the record, it does (also for the record, the Man-Cub insists on calling it the Abdominal Snowman which I find freaking hilarious; not that I doubt the creature has great abs, I’m just saying).

So, what do I have to do today? Well, I have to make ham wraps, meatballs and a goodie tray for our store Christmas party, which Hugh and I are hosting tonight. I need to pick up soda and ice and a list of other items for said party plus bagels and lox for Christmas morning. I need to get to the bank and I need to purchase just a couple additional stocking stuffers for the Man-Cub and for Oscar (liquor store, here I come) and, there is a good five inches of new snow on the roads.

Last Minute Crap, you are killing me. Killing me, dead.

On a totally unrelated, yet still Christmassy subject; the picture above is of our store window, decorated for the town’s annual Light Contest. We did not win. I could cry foul because our window was the best window in town and, I’m not just saying that because the vintage theme was my idea but; we got beat by a light display set up at the old folk’s home.

You cannot compete with old people at Christmas time and expect to win, you just can't.

Plus, I find it somewhat comforting that I just turned forty and older people are still kicking my ass.

Way to go Old People! Way. To. Go.

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