Monday, December 15, 2008

Well, That's More Like It

We finally got snow this weekend and I was so happy to see it; I didn’t even mind shoveling the porch and driveway. Probably because I didn’t shovel the porch or the driveway, Hugh did. Eh, either way.

Since the storm was kind enough to hold off until late Saturday night, I managed to accomplish all of my weekend goals including the packaging and mailing of my treats for my goodie exchange. The line at the post office was ridiculous and I felt for the lone employee manning the counter-she looked completely worn out and, who can blame her at this time of year?

Since Hugh was officiating at a wrestling tournament that same day, I also had plenty of time to clean the house and to finish the very last of my baking-spritz cookies and gingerbread men. My shopping is totally done and with the exception of a couple of teacher’s gifts, all wrapped up.

The last item on my holiday to-do list was to decorate the cut-sugar cookies that I baked and froze earlier in the month and we set about doing that last night following Hugh’s Police Department Christmas party.

Some of you may recall that Hugh and I have a healthy rivalry going on over the decorating of the cookies. It started about two years ago with these cookies. For the record, I kicked Hugh’s ass.

Last year he came from behind and in a stunning upset, managed to whoop up on me with his magical reindeer cookie. In my defense, it was a new cookie cutter and I didn’t realize that I was decorating my reindeer as though he was looking over his shoulder or, as the children claim, as though his head was on backwards and, I would show you a picture but I cannot for the life of me find it-I think it may have been lost in the shuffle of changing jobs last year.


I lost it. I'm not embarrassed by how bad it was or anything.


So, um, anywaaayy... last night it was time for a tie-breaker, it was, as the kids say; on like Donkey Kong. We picked an angel cookie both for its’ degree of difficulty (hold that sucker in just the right position or the wings will break off every time) and by virtue of not having attempted it before. I’ll let you all be the judges but; obviously my blue angel kicks his red angels ass (and I will be toasting marshmallows in Hell one day for such blasphemy).

So? Which do YOU like better? Mine or Hugh's? No pressure, really; I want your honest opinion.


  1. Red angel wins points for the snowflakes, but loses points for the red demonic eyes.

    Blue angel wins points for the shiny dot thingies, and no demonic eyes.

    Blue angel wins! Congratulations!

  2. thanks for the hint... I like them both and would EAT them both!!! lol.. I have to agree the red eyes are QUITE disturbing!!! LOL

  3. I can't decide. I like things about both, such as: on the red angel I like the flowered robe and on the blue angel I like the silver candy balls.

  4. that is a hard one. I like your snowflakes, but I am a sucker for the silver ball sprinkle thingies. They remind me of my childhood. Plus, Hugh's face is better.

    *Duck and run*

  5. The face is much much better on the blue angel!

    Red angel dress is beautiful.


  6. well, I was going to vote alone, when my two other employees asked what I was doing. I explained the game to them without giving away which was which and here is how it turned out....Personally, I liked the red angel (sorry), however these two boys thought the blue one was much better.