Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year in Review

Ah, 2008, you were a very good year. Tonight, Hugh, Jana, Chris and I will send you out in style, complete with champagne and dirty jokes told round the table while we engage in an epic battle of Pictionary.

Before I bid you my personal adieu, however, it seems only right and proper to look back on the events that made you.

January- Rang in the New Year in the company of good friends.

First month of the new job and, oh my god, what a learning curve. Looking back, I can laugh, at the time? Not so much.

February- The Man-Cub lost the election for Class Mayor but learned a good lesson about politics-bribery doesn’t always work but candy always makes an excellent bribe. Hugh made his first trip to the Big Show, the State Wrestling tournament. We could not have been more proud of him and, you know, a trip to Denver to shop and celebrate the Girl’s 12th birthday, score!

March- Attended my first Spring Market for the hardware store. I learned a lot, the most important thing being that I can, indeed, hang suspended thirty feet in the air over a crowd of hundreds of people without totally wetting my pants. Oh, and my husband has No Fear. Good to know.

I also learned that my foot is an anomaly which explains an awful lot about, well, nothing. But, hey! Extra bone! Cool.

April- Gave blood for the first time in several years, didn’t pass out. Did, however harbor bad thoughts about the phlebotomist; pretty sure I’m going to Hell for that.

May- Watched the Man-Cub’s baseball team lose numerous games.

Watched them Win a couple.

Felt my age creeping up on me when I realized how grown-up The Girl was getting.

Discovered my children had a disturbing interest in science.

June-Planted a garden, fretted over the damn thing for the rest of the summer.

Spent some quality time with my sister and my nephew.

Witnessed a miracle on the ball field yet still prayed for our team to lose the All-Stars game so that we would not have to travel to the State Tournament, was not immediately struck down by lightning for expressing such blasphemy against the sport.

July- Celebrated our independence with Jana and company.

Instituted Porch Night, the greatest innovation since the fermented grape. Learned a lot about Jana in the process.

Finally got a landscaped backyard and it only took five years.

August- Discovered that the Great Salt Lake smells like ass but that even ass isn’t so terrible as long as you smell it with friends.

Sent my children off to seventh and fourth grades without weeping. Much.

September- Spent a lovely week on a tropical island with my husband of fifteen years. Cannot think of anything remotely snarky to say about that.

Started exercising again, like, seriously. It hurt, like, seriously.

Celebrated the Man-Cub turning double digits. Bought him a weapon to mark the occasion; still not quite sure it was the best idea but, as of today, he hasn’t shot his eye out.

October- Came to the realization that seventh grade is the ninth level of Hell for parents and that the threat of Catholic school works wonders.

Bought a boat, can’t wait for summer to get here.

November-Turned forty, oh my god.

December- Had a Special Talk with The Girl. Am still recovering.

And that’s just some of the stuff that I experienced, never mind all the major changes in our economy, society, educational system, political administration, etc., etc. It’s amazing how much one small year can entail; especially considering the fact that, each New Year seems to go by faster than the one before it.

But, maybe that’s just my perspective after all; I am getting advanced in my age.

Forty. Good God.

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  1. I was feeling all pumped up from your very kind compliments of my blog and so I had to come check yours out -- now I am the one in AWE! You have such an expressive and lighthearted way of writing. I may never get through them all (your very prolific!) but I look forward to admiring more of your impressive work! Happy New Year!!