Thursday, February 21, 2019

Do Something That Challenges You

I am a firm believer in venturing outside of your comfort zone; I think you should do that every day.

You. Not me.

Me? I'm perfectly happy in my comfort zone, thanks! No need to go trying new things that may, possibly, make me look like a fool.

So, why did I agree to go bowling with my coworkers earlier this week? Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time; I got to leave the office early, it was a form of exercise that would provide some variety in my daily workout, I actually enjoy the coworkers that had signed up to go with me, and, did I mention that I got to leave the office early?

Good enough reasons, right?

Sure. Until we revisit the part where I end up looking like a fool.

Let's start with the shoes...

...nevermind the total affront to fashion; this is footwear that hundreds of other feet have actually been in, that's....gross.

Also, despite the awesome code name that my coworker picked for me,...

... Dangerous Dame, DD, for turns out that I suck at bowling.

Yes, I came in dead last.

With a score of 42.

 Forty-two. Let that sink in...

Obviously, the gutter and I were quite well acquainted by the time we were done. Happily, so were my coworkers and I, which, was the point of the exercise, anyway. And, if you can't look like a fool in front of your team, who can you look like a fool in front of?

I'm totally picking the next team building experience, though; I'm thinking wine tasting and/or a course in pairing wine with cheese.

Because, sometimes, it's good to stay within your comfort zone.

(Mostly always, but, that's just me)

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, this one time in the junior bowling leagues, my younger brother picked a wonky house ball to use. Granted, he was 8 at the time, but still averaged up into the 80's. He managed to bowl a whopping 3 for an entire game. Came back strong the second game and mashed the pins for a 33. You can bet he remembered the serial number on that ball and never touched it again. (I won't tell you what he averages today . . . 0