Friday, February 08, 2019

This Girl

Yesterday, I attended a memorial service for Jana's dad, Papa Pete. Pete passed away on January 31st, missing his 67th birthday by just four days.

The service was beautiful, and, I know Pete would have been pleased. He would have been especially pleased by the amazing tribute that Jana and her brother paid to him in song. Over the years, I've heard Jana sing in a variety of settings- in the car, on the boat, or, whenever the spirit moved her (often on Porch Night, and, with the aid of a glass of wine)-but, to hear her and Phil sing through tears, for the sole purpose of sending their father off in style, was to hear the sound of angels singing. They. Were. AMAZING. The strength that they showed was beyond comprehension, and, Jana's sweet soprano carried through the church with such power and emotion, it brought the congregation to tears.

I love this human being and I am so incredibly fortunate to call her my friend.

Photo circa 2008, toasting on the shores of the Great Salt Lake

She's now a member of a club that no one really ever wants to belong to, and, as a somewhat seasoned member, myself, I'll make it my mission to support and comfort her.

I also called dibs on her voice for my own funeral, but she said, and I quote "Oh, hell no", and, in the house of God, too, by the way. But, I'm sure He forgave her for that.

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  1. Maybe she would for mine someday? Would really love that. So sorry to hear about her dad.