Sunday, January 03, 2021

2021:Day Three and, So Far, I Don't Hate You

 When last we spoke, I shared my Word of the Year, and, as you may recall, that word is Self Care. And, yes, I realize that is two words.


There. Better?

Anyhoodle, in recognition of that word, or words, if you fail to recognize the transformative power of the hyphen; on Friday, I gave up sugar. And, so far this year, I have met my goal of taking 10,000 steps a day. Clearly, I am on my way.

On an equally positive note, I got the majority of Friday's 10,000 steps while in the company of good friends, doing something I love; I spent the day photographing Kaley's wedding.

It was a beautiful day for it and, in addition to capturing some truly amazing photos for the happy couple; I captured moments between lifelong friends who have been there for each other through thick and thin.

When Kaley threw her bouquet, it got caught in the lights strung over the dance floor, resulting in a loud electrical pop as bulbs shattered and the strand swung between Kaley and the single ladies. The bouquet landed on the ground, so Queen B picked it up. Kaley was so excited to see her with it and then laughed hysterically when Queen B said "No way in hell! You're doing this over!" Which, she did, resulting in the seven year old flower girl making the official catch. I hope she takes her time finding her Mr. Right.

At one point in the evening, Jana gave me a long, tight hug. When we pulled apart, we didn't have to say a single thing; twenty-two years of friendship speaks in volumes. And, isn't my friend beautiful?

At the end of the evening, Queen B, the Man-Cub, Hugh and I were the last few people at the venue, helping Chris, Jana, and Granny to clean the reception hall and chapel. Granny kept thanking us over and over again, which, was completely unnecessary; we have spent New Year's Day together for the better part of the past two decades. No way we were going to miss it this year and a wedding is a damn good way to celebrate.

So, 2021, you are, thus far, not the worst. I may just have to raise the bar on my expectations of you.

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