Monday, January 04, 2021

First Day Back at Work and I Didn't Fall Off the Wagon

 I returned to New Job today, following a week away, with blessedly little contact; cheers to being on call during the holidays and not getting dragged in for an emergency! I needed the break, and, when I went back today I felt slightly less stressed; I'm giving the credit to my return to selfish endeavors, thankyouverymuch.

Speaking of those selfish endeavors; I have been to the gym three times this year, and, I haven't missed  my goal of taking 10,000 steps once. I've eaten healthy meals, avoided sugar, downed water like it's my job, and I scheduled an appointment with the dermatologist for a consult on my face. The Girls keep telling me that photofacials are the way to go, but I figured I should confirm that with a professional before I started booking expensive treatments.


That whole Self Care/Self-Care thing is going pretty well, so far.

Also going well is the editing of the 2,000-some photos that the Man-Cub and I took of the wedding. These are some of my favorite shots thus far:

I have only completed a fraction of the editing, but, am hopeful that I will have a gallery ready for delivery before the month is out. 

Other duties taking up my time currently include installing QuickBooks on the computer at the hardware store and attempting to get all of 2020 entered, also by the end of the month, thankyouverymuch, CYMA crash of 2020.

Once all of the pictures are delivered, the bookwork is complete, I finally manage to take down all of my Christmas decorations, and I successfully submit approximately ten grant reports at New Job, I am totally scheduling a personal day.

Rocking my goals!

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  1. Leave the Christmas decorations - call yourself 10 months ahead. When dose THAT ever happen? Way to go on the self care. It's NOT selfish and mom's are notoriously bad at foregoing it to care for another family member.

    Great wedding photos. IN that one shot of the couple outside the venue - is that deer cruising by in the background? That shit NEVER happens during hunting season.