Friday, January 01, 2021

Hello 2021; I am Giving You the Side Eye, So You Best Behave

I've only chosen a word of the year a handful of times over the last decade and; I wasn't very good at observing them for an entire year when I did.

This year, I am determined to change that. Not only am I choosing a word, I'm choosing two. And, I fully intend to live by them for the entire year.

Those words?

Self Care.

I have been the absolute worst to myself for the past twelve months (probably even longer than that, truth be told). I have eaten poorly, chosen not to exercise, denied myself  things that bring me pleasure, and, frankly; leaned heavily into the negative, rather than searching out the positive.

My body tells the tale of those choices. I am in pain. My joints are inflamed, I have had more migraine headaches this year than in any year past, I have gained a ridiculous amount of weight. I lack balance and flexibility, have no stamina, sleep poorly, and my hair is both dry and thinning.

My mental health has likewise tanked. I feel bad about myself, am constantly anxious, frequently hopeless, and more easily irritated than I am accustomed to being.

I believe that I can get a grip on all of these issues, but, it's going to require a concerted, dedicated, and intentional effort in order to do so and that begins with showing myself some love.

So. Self Care. What does that look like?

Better diet, starting with a cold-turkey approach to giving up sugar again.

More exercise. Back to daily walking, stretching, yoga, etc.

Mindfulness, including meditation, relaxation, and positive self-talk.

Pampering, massages, facials, long baths, pedicures, etc.

It's selfish, I know, but; I am no use to anyone when I am this damaged. It's time to pull myself together so that I can be better for myself and for the people I love.

So, 2021, what do you say? Can you spare me the space to take care of myself? Whether you can or not, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

And this girl's gotta focus on herself.

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