Tuesday, January 12, 2021

We Pushing!

 Sunday afternoon, I got called into New Job for yet another emergency. When I left the house, I noted that Lola was low on gas, and, I had every intention of filling her tank when I finished up at work. Once I was finished dealing with the incident that called me out, I was apparently too distracted to remember to pull into the gas station, so, yesterday morning, I reminded myself to get gas at lunch.

Thanks to a particularly stressful day, I once again forgot about the gas situation, until, Lola reminded me as I was sitting in the drive-through at the bank.

Unfortunately, her warning came too late and, as I pulled onto the highway to head to my usual gas station, she completely gave up the ghost and stalled. Not gonna lie, I panicked.

Luckily, there is a gas station right next to my bank, so I was at least pointed in the right direction, so, I threw Lola into neutral and tried to both push and steer, which, as you may imagine, was not exactly easy given Lola's size and my relative weakness.

Almost immediately, however, a large, burly man came to my aid, running to the back of the Tahoe to push. Not a second later, another gentleman came over from the pumps to help. Then, a lovely woman came out of the gas station and said "We pushing!" before jumping right in.

It wasn't a question. It was a statement of fact, delivered in the cheeriest voice that I heard all day.

My trio of saviors got me pushed up to the pumps and disappeared just as quickly as they had arrived and I was left with the knowledge that there are still such good people in the world. People who are willing to help a stranger without question. 

It was a badly needed realization and I was, and am, grateful for it.

Also noted: Lola is a prissy bitch who clearly requires immediate attention when she demands it.

Good to know.

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