Saturday, November 13, 2021

Friday Favorites on Saturday Because I Am Just That Far Behind

 Life, y'all. It's kicking my ass. But, I don't want to talk about that right now, instead, I want to focus on the things that have brought me joy this past few days, starting with the photo shoot that I did for one of my staffers. She is a young mom, struggling with the things that we all struggled with as young parents and she's doing a remarkable job even though she doesn't always see it, herself (it's a Mom Thing).

The side-eye in this picture sums up motherhood perfectly...

Another favorite this week; pomegranates are back in the stores! Are they slightly smaller than I would like? Yes. Are they hella expensive? Also yes. Will that stop me from buying and consuming them for as long as they last? Absolutely not. Will I think of my dad every time I hold one in my hand? Forever, and ever, amen.

I recently found this vintage blow mold star on Mercari and the price was too good to pass up. After I clean it up a little, Hugh will attach it to the stable that he built for my blow mold nativity set last year. It's the final touch and completes the set so perfectly; I am practically giddy (also, I said I wasn't going to do a lot of Christmas decorating this year since we will be out of town for a large portion of December, to which Hugh responded "Not even the baby Jesus?" aaaaannnd, now we will be pulling out alllll the blow molds).

And, speaking of vintage things, as I was pulling together the place settings that I am planning to use for Thanksgiving; I was reminded of how much I love my pre-World War II Noritake china. I purchased it on eBay years and years ago; it was a full set with nary a chip, which means it probably didn't get a lot of use. Truth be told, it hasn't gotten that much use in my home, either, but I am determined to change that; I've arrived at the conclusion that we can't protect the things we love to the exclusion of enjoying them. They were meant to be used, and used they shall be.

And that wraps up this very late Friday Favorites post.

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