Monday, August 22, 2022

If I Ever DO Quit My Day Job...

...I just might want to invest in a flower farm; I think I would be good at it. As evidence, I offer pictures from this weekend's trip to the flower farm in Pixler, where The Newlyweds and I cut our own flowers for making arrangements at home.

Having been inspired by the class that the flower farm offered on Thursday, we decided that choosing and cutting our own blooms would be a fun way to spend a Saturday morning, and, we weren't wrong. I could easily envision myself wandering among the rows and rows of flowers everyday, and, while my skill at arranging said flowers could use some improvement; I would have more than ample practice time available to me if I owned the farm.

Now, to get Hugh on board with this plan...

...ok, that probably won't happen. But! This is also the man who resisted my suggestion to purchase a Blackstone, and, look at him making breakfast every weekend on the thing!

Pancakes, breakfast potatoes, sausages, and eggs for the win!

Speaking of winning, I also got a new mini fridge for the porch this weekend. It's retro and I love it! Also, if I needed somewhere cold to store flowers after arranging them, I could totally fit a bunch in the fridge.

Just sayin'!

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