Monday, August 01, 2022

Seeing July Out in Style

Last night, we gathered as a family and introduced Queen B to what has become a summer tradition for me and Hugh: grilled pizzas. The Man-Cub has dined on the pizza before, but we didn't really start making them until Queen B was out of the house, so it was a new treat for her.

Queen B, the Cub, and Shanti all assisted with the pizza assembly and we ended up with four pies that spoke to each of our tastes: pepperoni and cheese for Shanti, Hawaiian for Queen B, meat and mushroom for the Cub, and a Margherita for me. Hugh is equal-opportunity when it comes to pizza so he was all-in on every flavor.

While the pizzas cooked, we played with the dogs; Shanti's lab had never chased bubbles before, so it was fun to watch her. Boomer loooooves bubbles, so he was in Heaven.

When the pizzas were done, we posed for a quick family picture before grabbing our plates and heading for the front porch. I had also made a huge platter of Caprese salad and a basket of baguette that I served with spinach-artichoke dip, so it was a great meal.

Queen B leaves us today and I am going to miss the heck out of her. It's been so awesome to have her here for an extended period of time and I am grateful for the opportunity. She'll be back to help us get Mom moved over from Mayberry, but I will miss her terribly in the time between now and then.

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