Monday, November 07, 2022

We Built This City

This weekend, I finally got all the Halloween decorations boxed and ready for storage. Hugh was out of town on a wrestling assignment, so I had planned on The Man-Cub coming over to help get the boxes back into the attic. Since the Cub is nursing a bum shoulder, thanks to that old football injury (micro-surgery is scheduled for December 9th); Shanti of course came along to help (she is literally his right-hand man, currently).

When we made the plan, we also intended to get the Christmas village boxes down from the attic. Shanti was actually excited about unboxing the pieces and helping with the construction of the village and, since momma ain't no spring chicken, her help was greatly appreciated. My Mom also came over for part of the day, to offer morale support, which was also appreciated.  

I've written at length before about the process of building the village; this year was no less herculean in the effort, despite the addition sets of hands. We started with a clean slate...

...unboxed all eighty gazillion pieces...

...and then took a well-deserved break .

When Mom and the kids left after several hours of handing me buildings, cords, and other crap, I was about halfway to a fully constructed city. I spent another few hours adding elements before calling it a day and crashing on the couch. 

Sunday morning, I finished things off with the addition of the lighted trees and smaller accessories. Then, I hauled the empty boxes up the stairs, vacuumed the carpet, and stood back to admire our handiwork. It really is a lot of work, but, we now have almost two months to enjoy it and, I won't need two days at Thanksgiving to put it up.

Which, is a good thing, because Queen B is coming home for Thanksgiving! I'm so excited! She may have missed out on the raising of the village, but she'll have no excuse not to help with the Christmas tree!

Better photos coming after we celebrate Thanksgiving #don'tforgetturkeyday


  1. Anonymous7:43 AM

    I love your photos. Such joy. Regine

  2. Wow! What a fabulous labor of love. I always wanted a huge Christmas village but struggle with where to set it up; I don't have a fabulous hutch like that!